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The Ocean Bastion

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Desolation, The Ocean Bastion Is a Ocean monument that has been converted with blackstone and was started on the 25th of February 2021. It was founded by Leeafy1.

The area surrounding the main structure has been divided into 4 different segments which have each been converted and built to resemble the 4 new biomes added to the nether in the 1.16 update. As you walk in you enter the soul sand valley portion, on the left you can see the crimson forest, on the right lies the warped forest, and hiding all the way at the back is the basalt delta. Each biome has been filled with mobs you would find in the respective biomes and shopkeepers have been used to keep them in place and so they don't get lost.

Day bastion.png
The Ocean Bastion
FoundedFebruary 25th
Coordinates1344, 5222

Builders and helpers
Task Name
Major Building And Designing Leeafy1
Minor Building And Draining Andrew1355
Outside Terraforming Lord_Primordius
Draining Water 365_
Draining Water Bear4Life666
Draining Water The_Late_Avenger


  • Private build please don't build too close
  • If you find something wrong, let Leeafy1 know instead of changing it yourself
  • Enjoy the atmosphere

Background Info

The idea behind this build is to give the feel that the bastion had been there for a very large amount time. Once someone discovered it they created the wall that surrounds it, Not long after the biomes spread from the bastion and created small ecospheres around it.

Points of Interest

Strider cove:

This is a small cove in the basalt delta where 3 striders like to chill, Their names are strydigeridoo, Sammy and Strider chirps.


When clearing out the area of water to make space to build, The community sponge was used to speed up the process, Out of nowhere a piece of bread with the name "Wher Spong?" appeared in the community sponge barrel, And as a memento of that occasion it will forever be framed at The Ocean Bastion.