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FoundedFebruary 13, 2021
Coordinates-1414 , 2770
World1.16 Survival
Nether PathPurple (west) Dried Kelp

Nurndal is a settlement/town and was funded on the first day of the 1.16 server. It was initially founded by the New World Order, the building group from the New Earth server, who wanted to face a new challenge. Even though the organization on the New Earth server normally wants to remain private, the decision was made to make it completely public. The New World Order and the events that are going on with the mountain and Nurndal can be found on their Discord.


Even though Nurndal is a completely standalone town, it is based on the town Dale from the Lord of the Rings series, a village that lies in front of the impressive lonely mountain called Thol Tarum. It features a completely handmade mountain, which is as of now still a work in progress. Though it did reach on the 16th of February its top, which lies on a height of a massive 241 blocks.

As of the 28th of February 2021, the exterior shell of the mountain was completed and the full excavation of the interior began.

Leader Swklijn1
Member Lord_Primordius
Member Badwolfe44
Member Jamesmarkwaller
Member Andrew1355
Member Leeafy1
Member Kevon13579
Member Epicmoth
Member ArtyRachel
Member 365_

Town Rules

  • Respect the Build Code
  • You have to be joined in the Discord server
  • Replant farms when harvesting
  • Respect the rules of the server

Build Code

There is a strict build code in effect on Nurndal. Every build should be similar to those that have already been made in the town. Innovation on that part is however appreciated, but it shouldn’t be out of touch with the other buildings.

Points Of Interest

The Head Wall

Although it first started as a running joke, the head-wall has turned out to be a place where the residents of the village are remembered from the great victory of many enemies. All skulls that have been placed on the head-wall are all different from one another. Due of the big amount of skulls, the head-wall has expanded to the former town hall. There are a total of 90 skulls now on the head-wall.

The head wall as of current progress

Larry the Phantom

Larry is a Phantom who is trapped in a boat on the 19th of February. The members of the New World Order decided that he was very lonely, so they invited a zombie to keep him some company.

Thol Tarum

Thol Tarum is a gigantic handmade mountain to the east of the town. Although around 50% of the mountain itself is done, the deepest depth has not been reached yet. Members of the town are urged to help with the mountain if possible.