Femboy Farms

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Femboy Farms is a quaint, cozy township nestled along the grassy coastlines of the Rustin Sea east of spawn. An agricultural center known for its intricate masonry and slow rise roofing analogous to the style of ole Scottish blackhouses. The little village is the regional center for resource production, boasting numerous farms, and it's an open and diverse community that welcomes all identities and peoples.

Femboy Farms
FoundedSeptember 2023
Coordinates5702 3016
Nether PathBlue Tunnel, Right, Pink Glazed Terracotta


Numerous historic ecosystems and environments are found throughout Femboy Farms, ranging from massive expanses of oak and birch forests, young-growth spruce forests, bounding meadows, fertile plains, and ancient mountainous biomes. The variation in biomes has helped and will continue to shape the development and economy of the community.

It would be around the middle of the summer of 2023 when the first settlers arrived. Founded by AGayOleTime (Gay), the town started as a simple stone farm house overlooking a giant wheat field that stretched from the middle of the central island to the river. The pumpkin and melon field around the building was the first farm in the community, and the later building of the Gunpowder Magazine provided lucrative access to gunpowder.

The population and the amount of buildings were slow to grow over the next few months. At the end of the summer, Swklijn1(Sander) would settle in between the mountains east of the farms. Excavating a large quantity of stones by drilling through the mountain side and into the depths, he proved much of the stones that would be utilized in the infrastructure and buildings of Femboy Farms. His mines made a shocking discovery by uncovering an Ancient City, inadvertently and unwillingly, supplying the town with a warden whom Gay adopted and named Aphrodite. Shortly after this time, Sander joined the town as its second member and moved into his apiary on the closer eastern mountain.

Late August and early September would be a significant time for the village. During this period, three new members joined and numerous large-scale projects were started. These projects included a large central castle (Travesti Tower), Colt05’s fort (Fort Stonewall), a massive gray-stone colosseum influenced by the JenjiJ Pocketmon craze, and Sander’s giant stone guardian overseeing Rustin Sea (Femboy MostCr1TiKaL). All of these are mentioned below in Important Features and Structures.

Near the end of September, 2023 with the introduction of Odyssey_1, who started the Cherry Orchard in the Southwest, Femboy Farms would become an official town. Although gaining official recognition was an important goal forthe community, projects and development did nto slow, increasing exponentially over the ollowling months. A communal stable and a horse breeding program ran through it was established. The introduction of ElysiumCreator (Ely) spurred tremendous farm expansion with him being chiefly responsible for other crop fields plantedoin the farms. And paths were lied throughout the region, connecting numerous buildings and community members.

After a quiet month of activity, late November 2023 through January 2024 saw spikes of the earlier enthusiasm. During this time, a greenhouse was built to house numerous vine farms and the Femboy Portal to the amplified world, and a graveyard was constructed in memoriam of Gay’s beloved horse Belissma and Ely’s Trevors. Norm_the_Berserk, one of the first members, finally moved out of Gay’s basement into his own home, becoming a blacksmith and hot sauce maker. Norm along with Sander would open up the Rustin Sea to the Sapphire Sea to the North by removing numerous large islands found in the waters. In addition, he, under the supervision and construction plans of Sander, began construction of a massive fortress on the eastern mountain. Because of the greater ocean access, SuperDoge6969 established the ports of Femboy Farms in the Northwest, creating an elaborate self-contained seaside community.

Although the town is far from completion with numerous plans still underway, Femboy Farms welcomes anyone to come visit or take residence and enjoy the pleasures of community and resources.

Important Features and Structures

Travesti Tower Grows Towards the Starry Sky

Travesti Tower:

A work-in-progress that will become the community center of the Femboy Farm with the future inclusion of a trading hall, court, and other resources.

Sander’s Apiary:

The honey and allay production center manned by the bee-man, Sander.

Sander's Apiary on a twilight night

The Femboy Farms Arena:

A massive coliseum esse arena dedicated to trading card games and other community activities. The arena sports it own noteblock build by EinMor of Pokemon Gold and Silver Champion Red Theme.

Femboy Farms Arena.png

On Going and Current Work In Progresses

Fort Stonewall:

A defensive fort run by and being constructed by FreedAunt to protect the land from foreign invasions and mischievous monsters on top of a large hill to North.

Aphrodite’s Castle:

The large and luxurious stead being dedicated to Aphrodite, Gay’s warden child.

Outside of the main settlement

(Femboy Farms Embassy) 2023-09-26 .png

The Femboy Farms Embassy

Located by spawn, north of the mall. The embassy serves as a place to breed Allays, get food, and sign up to join Femboy Farms.


  • Respect yourself and others
  • Understand Sonder
  • Don’t take without permission
  • Ask others before building near them
  • Try to keep the stone and lush style if possible
  • When building farms, make sure they follow the server’s rules and space them out from other farms and include off switches (if possible)




Swklijn1 (Sander)