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Stresswhere 12-12.png
FoundedSeptember 2020
MayorWhimsyBridges, Thiskal, Anime_Beef_10
Nether PathLight Blue

Stresswhere is the biggest town on the 1.16-Stress Test server. The town features villager trading halls and various farms, as well as being close to Birthday Island and Fortree.


Stresswhere was created on the 1.16-Stress Test server when the server opened. The town was originally called Somewhere, after the 1.14/1.15 town, but was later changed.


Many players have often passed by the town. Some have even decided to reside.

Current Residents

With a current population of 23, the town currently hosts the following players:

WhimsyBridges Thiskal Anime_Beef_10 AbruptFern
Rahtheos Lynski7 omattox commanderwolffe9
ClassyBulb SpilledCrayons NeverLoseGuy Ajek2760
jwiley17 EliteKnightOscar BuiserSpark2992 DAZ4518
Creeper_02 Th_Paws fuyuymi_ Diakko
WolfSlayr Pocketoe Elvenone _Pestilence

Former Residents

Some players have formerly lived in Stresswhere before finding a permanent residence elsewhere.

  • fastattacker17

Significant Builds

The Dive

The Dive created by Creeper_02
  • The Dive is a discount villager trading hall which was created by Creeper_02. The Dive is based off of the Hive, but the Hive was removed to construct the town hall.

Thiskal's Mob Head Museum

  • Thiskal's Mob Head Museum features almost all of the mob heads that can be obtained. There are some mob heads still missing due to rarity.

The Lighthouse

The Lighthouse
  • Created by AbruptFern and Rahtheos, the build resides on an island that was abandoned. The Lighthouse is a lighthouse built for office uses. The Lighthouse is one of the few buildings that stand out in the Stresswhere skyline. Up until the 16th of January, The Lighthouse's official name was WBC Stresshouse. The renaming of the lighthouse was to attract other people to occupy the space. UNESCO/UNASI occupies the 2nd and 3rd floor. The UN Treasury occupies the basement. WBC operates a studio below ground, and the rest of the space within the building is for public space and viewing.

WhimsyBridges' Base

  • WhimsyBridges' base features different farms, shops, and more. The villager trading hall features 21 villagers. The farms are Cacti Farm, Berry Farm, Bamboo and Sugarcane Farm, Melon and Pumpkin Farm, Kelp Farm, Wool Farm, Tree Farm, Dye Farm, and Flower Farm. There is also a pet shop and a WBC studio in Lynski7's base which is located within Whimsy's base. There are two chungus rooms, one of them completed while the other is still being worked on.