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Fortree 1-18.png
Founded1st December 2020
MayorAbruptFern, omattox
Nether PathLight Blue

Fortree is a settlement created to preserve the forest from deforestation. Fortree is located on the northern border of Stresswhere.


Before Fortree, there were plans to deforest the area and recreate it into Stresswhere's Industrial district. The Industrial District was later revised, and AbruptFern started to build WBC's Fortree Centre.

Fortree was originally created to protect the forest from deforestation when Cove Shopping started to expand more within Stresswhere to create an iron farm, bee farm, and more. Cove Shopping continuously contacted WBC to stop constructing Studio 2, but AbruptFern insisted that he does not want to remove the brick wall. AbruptFern eventually declared the borders of Fortree because of the incident.

Fortree recently expanded their borders, reestablishing Stresswhere's old border for the north after Cove Shopping decided to close and sell off all their assets.

On the 17th of December, 03:00 GMT, The Divide and Fortree merged together. Fortree's name was kept.

Significant Builds

WBC Fortree Centre

WBC Fortree Centre

WBC Fortree Centre is one of the major builds in Fortree. Created before Fortree's foundation, Fortree rules on deforestation had not been applied yet. Containing two studios, 15 AFK rooms, and offices, WBC Fortree Centre was created to accommodate major events and productions.


Cove Shopping's Warehouse was created during Stresswhere's Industrial District, but was eventually absorbed into Fortree.

There are plans to redevelop the area, essentially removing the warehouse to create more housing.

The Fortree Trading Centre

Created on a small island off of the coast of Fortree, The Fortree Trading Centre is a villager trading hall. Some notable trades that are in the Fortree Trading Centre are Mending, Protection IV, Silk Touch, Sharpness V, Infinity, Efficiency V, Multishot, and Thorns III.