Secret Santa Event 2020

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Participants and spectators of the event

This was the second Secret Santa Event in the community, and it took place over the holidays of 2020 on the 1.16 stresstest server. The event was set up by a group of organizers and builders, and ended up with 36 players participating.

Planning and building

Planning began a few weeks before the event took place. Lay-outs were made on the creative server on plot. The main idea was a large Christmas house with many individual rooms that participants could fill in and decorate to their desires. Players could sign up as a participant through discord.

All builders/organizers were _Cynder_, NaomiPaoni, Thiskal, Katuen, Festive_Beef_10, QTIPSTER, YourLocalPiebro, darkfletchy, TILR16, omatoxx and Rahtheos

The main building, before expansions to fit more players
Most of the organisers and builders

The Event

Participants had until the 26th of December to decorate their rooms and add presents. The gifting was randomized this year: participants did not know who they were gifting a present to, nor did they know who was gifting them something. This was done so it was easier for participants to join/leave throughout the event, and to be able to change the gift opening date if a reset happened to be before the 29th of december, which was the planned gift opening date. Room and gift exchanges did happen on the 29th of December as planned.