RT United Nations

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RT United Nations
FoundedNovember 2019
StatusDefunct. Renamed to RT Connected Communities due to concerns of International Law.
Key PeopleTILR16, abielek, _Cynder_, Thumpted
Coordinates1971, -275
Nether PathGreen, Red Terracotta/UN Map Art
Discord Server 

The RT United Nations is an organization (and a point of interest) consisting of settlements, towns, districts, and other entities around the RTGame Minecraft Server. The headquarters is located (independently) inside Ravenholm with is a part of The Republic.


The idea behind the RT UN started in 2019, when TILR16 was coming up with a build project. Inspired by flags being used in different settlements, he wanted to make a United Nations to represent all the different communities that have popped up on the server. The more the project progressed the more it changed from just a build to a community of its own. With the concept of bringing the server's communities together to discuss server projects and to settle drama without needing to involve mods. A Discord was set up towards the end of the UNHQ build where people can chat about the server, what they needed help with, any issues that needed to be resolved, and proposals for future projects.

How It Works

  • The UN revolves around the Discord to keep any drama or discussions out of the Minecraft server chat and the RTGame Discord so that players that don't want to get involved with the UN don't have to. Each town, settlement, etc. on the server automatically gets a seat, but will not get a vote without applying first. Once a part of the UN, the said entity must pick out an ambassador to vote for the entity they represent.
  • Every week, if proposals have been mentioned, the Discord begins the voting process on Saturdays and finishes on Sundays. Each vote will always contain an abstain option for any member to remain neutral on any vote or election. Once the votes have concluded they will be typed up as official resolutions and become part of the rules of the UN. No resolutions are forced on anyone especially players outside of the UN and its members.
  • The leadership consists of 4 roles, the Secretary-General, Deputy Secretary-General, the Under-Secretary-General, and the Assistant Secretary-General. The SG and DSG are non-elected while the USG and ASG are elected. The SG (TILR16) is the owner of the project, the organization, and the discord. The DSG (abielek) is the head admin of the UN. The USG (Currently Thumpted) is the elected leader and head mod of the UN. The ASG (Currently _Cynder_) is the elected co-leader (like a vice president) and head staff of the UN.
  • The main power of the SG comes with voting. In the case of a tie, the SG is the tie-breaking vote. The order on who votes goes as follows: USG > ASG > SG > DSG. For example, if the USG is not able to vote for one reason or another, the ASG steps in. If for some reason all SGs cannot vote, then the rest of the UN Staff collective break the tie. If for some reason even that fails, it goes back to the ambassadors (or possibly everyone on the UN Discord) to vote on the two options that tied.

Specialized Agencies

  • As of posting, the UN has 3 agencies to help with certain projects or objectives of the group. UNESCO, the UN Treasury, and UNASI. UNESCO's task is to help preserve information about the server, especially important builds. The UN Treasury's task is the maintain resources collected or donations to the UN for disturbing towards future projects or members. The UNASI (UN Anti-Snow Initiative)'s task is to go to places (that request it) and remove all the excess snow that has stuck around as a result of the snow plugin.

Current Members