Silver Lake

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Silver Lake
Founded6th of June 2019
Coordinates-82, 1014
Nether PathBlue, Spruce Log


Silver Lake was one of the first small towns to appear on the server. Construction was started by player FamBoer (now MrTurtlinator) and they has since maintained the village. The building material that was mainly used was spruce wood. The intention was to give the village a rustic appearance. The first building that was built was the large mansion on the hill with the Nether portal inside.

There were also a few unfortunate moments. Like one time that the area behind the mansion was overgrown with bamboo, and the trees were set on fire.

There was also a small discussion about the name of the village because there was already another town with a similar name, IronLake. Fortunately the discussion did not last too long and it is not being talked about today.


There are many buildings with different functions. Here is a list of all special buildings;

  • Enchantment room (Red)
  • Highrise Farm (Orange)
  • Portal Mansion (Yellow)
  • Silver Lake train station (Green)
  • Silver Lake Mining Inc. (Blue)
  • Mountshire Embassy (Purple)
  • Animal shed (Pink)
  • Race starting line (Light Blue)

All other buildings are for residents.

Residents of Silver Lake

Here is a list of people who live/lived in Silver Lake;

  • FamBoer (MrTurtlinator) (Moderator)
  • FamMiner
  • SakuraUwU
  • AidenD88
  • TheRealChefFluff
  • Kearns1303
  • PontiacMontana
  • LinoCellulino
  • EzaPHellz
  • Crazycatwastaken
  • Dang1738 (Moderator + Holiday home)
  • Larry the Pig (Holiday home)
  • ABold1 (Holiday home)

Nearby Neighbours

FamBoer's house

Here is a list of people who built their homes near Silver Lake;

  • nammoyosto
  • ResigningDig5
  • Cotteh
  • Destenay
  • treyminecraft1
  • DrF3lix
  • readesu
  • JazzPear
  • Minecraftvenom1

Nearby Towns

These are the towns in the vicinity of Silver Lake;