Rock Bottom

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Rock Bottom 1.14.png
Rock Bottom
FoundedJanuary 2019
StatusSomewhat Active
Coordinates-2958 5347 (xz)
Nether PathBlue, Brown Glazed Terracotta

Originally created on the 1.12-1.13 server, Rock Bottom is a town based on a snow plains biome. After several months of silence and a somewhat failed attempt at bring it into the 1.14 world, Rock Bottom is returning at a new location, with new faces; the town can now be found midway down the blue nether highway route.


Rock Bottom in the 1.12/13 server

Rock Bottom was founded in early January by Macario_S and YourLocalPiebro. While the town started as simply a small trio of friends moving nearby one-another, other players soon began to populate the area - while being given no real motive to do so; thus, Rock Bottom was born. Originally named as a joke by CalamitySeals, the name eventually stuck with the residents and became official. Over the following months, players joined and left due to the rapid expansion of Rock Bottom's 'rival' town '[REDACTED]'. Rock Bottom was one of the old server's two major towns, and had active residents up until the closure of the 1.12-13 sever.

The 1.14 Server

The new location of Rock Bottom on dynmap
Rock Bottom Nether Portal
Rock Bottom Iceway, also connected Hadek fortress

Rock Bottom returned on the first day of the 1.14 server; since fast travel methods where non-existent at the time, Rock Bottom was settled in a small plains/taiga island one thousand blocks away from spawn. While some residents of the old server quickly joined the new iteration of the town, many soon became inactive, and due to a low number of incoming residents, Rock Bottom soon became a Settlement (a status which was kept until early December) This status was broken, when, true to Rock Bottom's original roots, a small group of friends decided to move nearby one another, bringing back the town. The standing Rock Bottom at the taiga island was renamed Rock Bottom Outpost, and the real Rock Bottom moved to where it was founded - in a snowy plains. The newfound town, now co-led by NaomiPaoni, continues its story in the new world,


Rock Bottom is a fairly relaxed town compared to other large towns; its rules include:

  • It is Rock Bottom tradition to allow all kinds of builds, from modern to medieval, as long as the final outcome of every build doesn't look like a block cube,
  • Anyone can build anywhere, as long as they are courteous to the surrounding residents and public farms,
  • Inactive player's bases are subject to removal if someone else wishes to move into the land.

Town projects

Public Villager Trade Hall

A medium sized trade hall, with plans for expansion while respecting server limits.

Known Current/Active residents

  • YourLocalPiebro (Mayor)
  • AverageGaymer
  • Kassen
  • _Cynder_
  • Luos_

Known Past Residents

  • Jishles
  • Dolf13
  • City_Folk
  • Buddy325
  • ZaLtAlex
  • Quakers1023
  • IslanderFan12
  • gogoawsome10
  • PecksTheName
  • Lonely_Boiii
  • 1024x2
  • Macario_S (old co-mayor)
  • Salad
  • Whiticity
  • Pongoweb
  • Cl0udy
  • Mechanic
  • ADJLFan32
  • Ponshop