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WestSide overview
The RT Pub

Originally created on the 1.12-1.13 server, West Side was one of the largest towns in the old world; headed by MagicSpark and FrogMasterTimmy, the town featured four districts: North WestSide, South WestSide, Central WestSide and West WestSide. These districts were spread across jungle and taiga biomes.

The entryway to the town was located directly underneath the pickle rick on the western edge of spawn, but was unrelated to the build, and featured Redstone as its directory block.

The town was active for most of the servers livespan, starting around August after the RtGame pub stream. The town started to form around the Pub RT made during that livestream, and expanded over time when more and more players joined.

The WestSide Center was the community center of the town. It was described as the main building of the area. Players could request to build or live in WestSide here, they could use the storage room and could leave requests on the Bulletin Board. Opposite of the Bulletin Board, there was a large board for users to introduce themselves.


The districts were self explanatory:

• North WestSide was north of central WS,

• South WestSide was south of central WS. It was the home of the pub stream build and was first district to be formed,

• West WestSide was West of central WS. It was the last district to be formed,

• Central West Side was where the Mayor's home and the Community Centre were located, alongside a few other homes and farms.