New Alaska

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This section is about the town. For the Christmas related build stream on New Earth, see New Alaska (New Earth).

New Alaska was one of the first major towns to appear on the server, and was featured in the first stream on the 3rd server.


New Alaska was created when RT was unable to start a skyblock survival gamemode; this was happening very late at night in EU, and the only mod online was ValentinT. After exploring the world for a while with an army of people following him, RT decided to build in the middle of the ocean south of Godhaven. The coordinates of this build are: 217,64,387.

The day after, New Alaska went into a cold war with Dickington 2, which resulted in some minor griefing from both sides. In the days after the stream, some of the residents removed ugly buildings in the slums of New Alaska, which were then destroyed. Here, the original sign and tree of life were also improved upon, as seen in the images.

Town square with the map and Tree of Life v2

The town had a few constant residents throughout the third server's lifetime, with the majority of residents only playing for a few days before leaving the server.


Uptime: 02:12:21

Date: 7/18/2018

Title: "Skyblock Survival, but there's way too many players on the server"