Halloween Town

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Halloween Town Entrance.png
Halloween Town
FoundedOctober 19th, 2023
Coordinates-4347 1154
Nether PathPurple, Left, Cobweb

Halloween Town was founded by JenjiJ and AceLily3, largely inspired by the town of the same name from the movie The Nightmare before Christmas. It features various Halloween themed builds, as well as builds directly inspired by the movie.


Initially concieved by JenjiJ as a pop-up shop for their Halloween Pokemon Cards, it was suggested by AceLily3 to create an entire town, themed around Halloween. Scouting then began for a location, and a Mega Taiga biome far west of spawn was selected.

Initially starting out as a single main street, Halloween Town saw many members joining shortly after its creation, adding their own builds and further developing and detailing the town in subsequent days.

Town Builds and Projects

Main Street

The street leading out from the portal into the rest of the town, detailed with many themed decorations. It is lined with various sound effects, making use of mob head note blocks with pressure plates as well as sculk shriekers. The street also has a wheat field and information kiosk. At the end of Main Street is a Trick or Treat pumpkin build where players can press a button to try their luck, with each player getting 5 chances per day to score a treat.


A small shop, created by JenjiJ to sell Halloween themed Pokemon Cards, including lots of custom artwork and 2 special Shadow Lugia cards, now sold out and never to be restocked.

Jimbo's village

A snowy village area created by JimboMC, currently a work in progress at the time of writing, featuring a gingerbread house and large custom built spruce trees.

Spiral Hill

A hill curving into the shape of a spiral based on the hill in Nightmare before Christmas, created by AvlanAz. (Build currently wip)

Boney Ghost Tree

A large ghostly tree on a hill overlooking the town, built by Ion_Robin. (Build currently wip)

Will's Spooky Haunted house

A large haunted house immediately behind the town portal made by WillIsWise

Dead forest

A forest of dead trees leading into a bridge, with animals hanging from their branches.

Planned Builds

A graveyard, Jack's tower, Pumpkin man, and Jack's fountain


  • No griefing
  • No stealing

Past and present Town Members

  • AceLily3
  • cxrtershrii
  • JenjiJ
  • liammlp10
  • JimboMC
  • Neepsy
  • Ion_Robin
  • o_PuMpkiN_o