Freddy Fazbear's Mega Pizzaplex

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Pizzaplex outside.png
Freddy Fazbear's Mega Pizzaplex
Coordinates2607, 127
Nether PathBlue, Left, Red concrete
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Freddy Fazbear's Mega pizzaplex was conceptualised Shortly after the game Security breach had come out, This build was made completely solo by Drolnogard with some help from other users and had taken a total of 1 year and 2 months to reach its completion the estimated time given was 8 months and consists of 1604094 blocks (give or take a few thousand)the most used blocks will be detailed later on this page as will various users that aided in its construction. The first player death outside of drolnogard that the pizzaplex had claimed is a user called LarryLarrington who died to a creeper nearing its completion. The schematic used to help complete this pizzaplex is by a user called CuppaTeaExe without his build this would of taken much longer and I am forever thankful that it exists. The total time to fully explore the pizzaplex is over 30 minutes.

The areas a player can explore in this recreation of the pizzaplex are as follows:

  • Main entrance including a car park forest and the main entrance.
  • Daycare
  • Atrium
  • Rockstar Row
  • Parts and services
  • Chicas cupcake factory
  • Monty Golf
  • Foxy's Pirate cove
  • Maintenance Tunnels
  • Roxy Raceway/Barbers
  • Fazerblast
  • Chicas Pizza
  • Trash Heap
  • Freddy's Pizza Place
  • Mazercise
  • West arcade
  • East arcade
  • Bonny Bowl

Players That helped create this

  • LarryLarrington
  • Slipup
  • Lonkxbare
  • Swklijn1
  • JenjiJ
  • Shwimblylimby

Most Used Blocks

  • Gray Concrete (102327)
  • Black Concrete (86199)
  • Cyan Terracotta (72514)
  • Purple Concrete (57484)
  • Stone (56756)