Temple of Zehir

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The Temple of Zehir is a Japanese temple complex with a style based on the Pagoda at Yakushi-ji. It is the home base of both the fictional Zehir religious order as well as the U.V.Z (United Villages of Zehir). The creator of this temple is the head priest of the religion, Morgibear01, and is ever expanding.


In the fictional religion, Zehir, the serpent goddess, is a good-natured goddess who symbolizes rebirth, guardianship and medicine. Those who worship her are devout followers of her ideal kindness and wisdom. The world Zehir actually comes from the Turkish word for venom.

Her snake form represents fertility or a reactive life force. As she sheds her skin, it is a representation of her rebirth, immortality and healing. Followers believe that the respawning of one after death is a blessing brought gifted by her. This is represented by a statue of a snake curled up.

Zehir also acts as a potent guardian of temples and sacred spaces. This comes from her holding and defending her grounds, resorting to threatening displays and then fighting. Those under her protection are always safe within her walls. This is often represented by statues of cobras at entrances of buildings that worship her.

Building process

The build was first started the first day Morgibear logged on to the new server. The build its self took 40 hours to complete and outside structures are still being built. After the build was made, lore about the temple was wrote and expanded upon, eventually leading to the symbol of Zehir being created and marked upon all products made by Morgibear, such as Pokemon cards.

Morgibear would then go on to help out other builds and new Zehir sites before working on the town around the temple.

The temple itself took over 14 thousand blackstone, 11 thousand black terracotta, 9 thousand white concrete, 3 thousand diorite and around 14 thousand spruce wood.