DLC Island

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DLC Island.jpg
DLC Island
FoundedJanuary 20, 2023
Coordinates444, 2627
Nether PathGreen, left, Block of Amethyst

DLC Island is a small town located in an ocean biome to the south of spawn. Reaching the island is easiest through the green nether highway, where it has its own rainbow glass tunnel leading from the left.


The island was founded in January of 2023. Although originally created by a small group of three friends, whose initials make up the name, it has grown significantly since its humble starter base days. A large house sits atop the main hill and houses all residents, and it now boasts a well sorted chest storage to fight the growing chaos of limited space. Much of DLC Island's main resources and useful areas lie beneath the surface. The residents follow their own casual religion centered around a chicken named Jeff.

Town Projects and Locations

Hilltop House

This is the main house that most of the residents of DLC Island live in. It comes complete with a bedroom area, small library, living room, and kitchen.


This is where the real hub of the island lies. The basement features a large chest room, crafting and smelting areas, a small enchanting room, and plenty of art. It connects directly to the Vault beneath, as well as the main nether portal.

Lily's Walk of Pokemon Shame

Located in the basement, this is where residents put their acquired Pokemon art on display, primarily as a means of shaming island member Lily, the one who keeps buying it.


The vault is a difficult to access area that the residents nevertheless will gladly show to anyone who asks for a tour. It features a wall of lava, a sliding vault door, and a large ball of diamond blocks within. It is estimated that 186 diamond blocks went into the creation of the central ball.


Perhaps the build that stands out the most, this large glass structure houses many varieties of plants, as well as a host of bees and a skeleton horse named Vegetal.


  • No griefing
  • Replant if you disrupt any crops
  • Do not steal from chests whether claimed or not
  • Do not harass the chicken Jeff

Past and Present Residents

  • AceLily3
  • Cxrtershrii
  • DanielBananiel
  • The_Late_Avenger
  • Kiefc
  • GrantAKAtheflash
  • Jeff the chicken