City of Candles

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The City of Candles is a town located at the end of the yellow path. The town encompasses a large ancient city, which the townsfolk are in the process of restoring to its unruined state.

City of Candles
FoundedAugust 2023
Population14 (8 Active)
Coordinates-735, -10, -13295
Nether PathYellow, Left, Chiseled Deepslate
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The story of this city starts with the Panticore Inc. Expedition Team’s rediscovery of the lost City of Candles, which was abandoned after an incident that took place in 1996. After years of exploration, they finally found the City of Candles covered in a mysterious blue fungus. While exploring the city, the team accidentally made noise, summoning five Wardens. A tremendous battle ensued, and eventually, all but two Wardens were defeated. The remaining two, named Religion and Dinnerbone, would ultimately become icons for the city, with Religion even ending up as mayor.

After setting up their camps, the team explored the city and discovered some dark truths about the city’s past. The team is now extremely overprotective of the Wardens, and will do anything, including causing wars, to keep them safe.

Today, the town is growing rapidly, and the residents are revitalizing the city in the hopes of bringing it back to its former glory. But there are many dark secrets which Panticore is keeping from the team. It is up to you to figure out what the Wardens truly are, why the team is protecting them, and what secrets Panticore is keeping from the world.

Town Rules

  • Follow the rules of the RTGame Survival Server.
  • Do not mess with other builds unless given permission by the builder.
  • Keep bases lit to avoid explosive damage.
  • Do not let the wardens out of their homes.
  • Spin to say hello to others.

Town Projects and Locations

The City has grown massively since it's beginning, and has been split into five sections by the residents: the main floor, the second floor, the city, the surface, and the war base. Below, the builds have be listed according to their section.

The Main Floor - The center of activity within the City of Candles. Feel free to say hello to the residents and the wardens
  • The Church - The entrance to the City of Candles. Good luck down here.
  • Trans Stairs - The Trans Stairs are stairs down to the city built using the colors of the trans flag. Religion's home is right next door!
  • Religion's Home - Religion is one of the many wardens that can be found in the City of Candles. Their home is right next to spawn, and citizens are required to say hello to them in order to join the town. Don't worry, they are very friendly.
  • The Database - The center of data on all of the City of Candle's wardens. It tracks living Wardens, days since the last warden incident, and the history of the Wardens...
  • The Post Office - The location of each resident's P.O. boxes.
  • The Embassy Staircase - A stairway up to the surface. DLC Island and Femboy Farms both have an embassy along it.
  • The Farms - A bunch of farms nearby the church. It is slightly laggy there and the bamboo farm overflows a lot, but the farms work!
  • The Town - Most residents live in an area of the City of Candles known as "the town." Some of us like visitors.
  • Ametrivia - A fun game show in the heart of a geode for the city's residents.
The Second Floor - The hub for administration for the City of Candles. It holds a lot of history for the City… and maybe some answers.
  • The Library - The library holds many of the texts written by City of Candles citizens, including famous historical stories and Pan’s essays! The Grand Warden enjoys the quiet.
  • City of Candles Network - The news station of the City of Candles. It is attached to the library so the writers have the best sources and places to write. Unfortunately, CCN has been involved in a deeper scheme, and it is up to you to find out what they are helping hide.
  • The School - A historical relic left behind by a friendlier time. It is left in ruins now, but it may tell you what the Wardens really are.
  • The Town Hall (COMING SOON) - While this hall was once controlled by the town’s mayor, it is now Panticore’s main office. The company likes hiding their plans, and security may take swift action if they see you looking around.
  • The Lab (COMING SOON) - The lab runs tests on the Wardens and explores ways to help them. However, there are rumors that they are not as helpful as they seem.
The City - The city's centerpiece. The ancient city is located in the very center of the city, and the citizens have been working hard to restore it to its former glory.
  • The Arena - One thing that citizens from the City of Candles enjoy doing is fighting. The arena hosts many fights between residents, with sculk catalysts turning the loser's experience points into sculk which covers the arena. Regular maintenance is required to keep the arena clean.
  • The Pokémon Center - A shop opened by JenjiJ which sells Pokémon cards. This store is part of a chain of shops which can be found around the server, each of which sell epic Pokémon related merchandise.
  • Four Corners - A returning game from 1.16's Birthday Island which was created by FunnyPan and Appled00. Due to it being themed around candles, four corners fit perfectly in the City of Candles.
  • Soft Taco's Taco Bonanza - A taco truck owned by one of the town's wardens, Soft Taco. Please order your food quickly, Soft Taco despises annoying customers.
  • The Marketplace (COMING SOON) - The center of commerce for all Wardens and humans living in the City of Candles.
The Surface - On top of the mountains of the City of Candles lies a multitude of ruins from a city lost to time... and a few restaurants! Be sure to visit the surface if you're in town!
  • The Ruins - The leftovers of a city from long ago...
  • The Elytra Hole - The main entrance point to the surface from the underground sections of the city. It is housed in a fort-like structure.
  • Olive Garden't - A restaurant most definitely not inspired by Olive Garden and just so happens to be located near an olive garden.
  • Bizza Butt - A rival restaurant made to compete with Olive Garden't. It sells pizza!
The War Base - The base used for the COC-DLC War. While it is no longer in use, it is still a landmark that shows the history of the battle. Some builds are still even a work in progress.
  • The Wall - A large deepslate wall surrounding the war base on all sides, only opening up at the front gate and the docks. It is filled with monsters who's echoes can be heard from within the base.
  • The Town Hall - A copy of a town hall 9 from Clash of Clans, this was the secondary meeting room for planning, as well as the general's office.
  • The Meeting Room - The main meeting room which the City of Candles used throughout the war. A prank resulted in this building's elevation, with a new floor being added to the bottom.
  • The Goose - A prank turning famous monument located in the back of the City of Candles war base. Honk.
  • Catan - Due to a short lived infatuation which the members of the City of Candles had in the game Settlers of Catan, they built a full Catan board.
  • Blue Lobster - A copy of Red Lobster built purely on JugarBien's ten year old description of a Red Lobster. The Warden Blue Lobster works here.
  • Loot Lake - A copy of the POI Loot Lake from Fortnite. It fit perfectly in the war base, and while everyone is against the concept of Fortnite existing in Minecraft, it was added purely due to how well it fit.
  • The Docks (COMING SOON) - The main supply point for all of the City of Candles' war efforts.

Town Residents

  • Endandsome
  • JugarBien
  • Neepsy
  • AvlanAz
  • Koshka_
  • FunnyPan
  • MCisverygood
  • The4Zer0
  • JenjiJ (Former)
  • Bremuss (Former)
  • fartpoopyboy (Inactive)
  • Ramefy (Inactive)
  • Sakuradiant (Inactive)
  • ThePuff09 (Inactive)
  • AegisPearl (Inactive)