New Amsterdam

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Overview of New Amsterdam
The compass rose
The christmas tree

New Amsterdam was a coastal town founded by ButtonSmasher_ and TommmyGotMC. It was created in late 2018 on the 1.13 server.

As the name would suggest, the town had many Dutch elements incorporated into their builds. It had strict build policies; claims weren’t allowed to be too large, and people had to stick to the build style. The center park had a compass rose in the ground, and had a public farm close by.


New Amsterdam had a constitution and was to be lead by the mayor and a council, members of which were chosen by the mayor. Players that wanted to join the town had to contact the mayor, needed the New Amsterdam custom prefix, and had to stick to the rules that were listed in the constitution.


The town was dressed up in Christmas decorations around the holidays of 2018. A large Christmas tree was built, and houses were decorated with Christmas-themed banners.