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PopulationUnknown (Varies)
Coordinates320, -400
Nether PathRed, Stripped Birch Log

Dublin is a large former district of Godhaven and was founded on 13 July 2019; at the start of the town's lifespan, its first mayor, ShiftyIsSwifty, created many small houses; however, very few people joined. On 16 July, Dublin joined Godhaven and became its 7th district; the same day, a large hole was constructed next to Dublin, which brought tourism to the town (and subsequently, many new residents). After about a month, ShiftyIsSwifty left the server, leaving Dublin with no mayor.

Current Events:

South Dublin, in particular, has had lots of recent renovation due to the (then) mayor DrthVrdrMarenghi disliking how that district had no matching theme to mirror that of Main Dublin. After some complications with Drth's successor AbruptFern, who was asked to step down, Drolnogard gained leadership over Dublin, still holding the position in June 2020.

With the introduction of the new mayor, the decision was made to renovate the district to fit a swamp theme, replacing the various birch, dirt, oak and spruce with a more uniform appearance of dark oak, dark oak planks, vines and lanterns.

There is an ongoing 'feud' between Coleraine's mayor _Cynder_ and Dublin's current mayor Drolnogard, in which both leaders jokingly attempt to annex the other town. Currently, Dublin is attempting to annex _Cynder_'s house through the use of signs, to which she swiftly responds with the removal of the above. While the situation is currently peaceful and both mayors are good friends, Dublin now has cannons aimed at Coleraine in preparation for negotiations breaking down.


About two months after the disappearance of ShiftyIsSwifty, Thejmqn (mayor of Godhaven) assigned new mayors in attempt to lead the district back to its former glory. Here, four mayors were assigned to the town; however, they all either became inactive, were banned, or moved elsewhere on the server.

In November, DrthVrdrMarenghi (formerly known as DrthVrdr or VrdrMarenghi) took over the district and began attempting to improve Dublin's image; many new residents joined the town, which still thrives.

Once the Dublin Wall -- a large wall surrounding three sides of the town -- was built, Dublin seceded from Godhaven and became an independent town. Dublin currently has five districts: Main Dublin, Outer Dublin, the Mississippi District, South Dublin, and the RT Town district; each of these districts feature their own unique theme.

Historical Sites

Dublin features various different Historical Sites, which mark key points in the town's life span; examples of these Historical Sites are:

  • Tesco: First built in Dublin, Tesco was featured in the RT server tour stream, and has appeared in various build streams.
  • DrthVrdrMarenghi house. The second mayor of Dublin has become inactive on the server since the end of his term; due to this, his house became a Dublin Historical Site to honour his memory.
  • ShiftyIsSwifty's house. This house is theorised to be Shifty's house and is the oldest historical site in the town; this, however, is mostly speculation, with DrthVrdrMarenghi being the only one to confirm this.


Dublin has similar rules to other towns on the server:

  1. Follow the theme of each district without fail; houses which don't follow the theme will be asked to change.
  2. Be nice to your fellow residents; conflict is not welcome here.
  3. No stealing from or griefing any houses; any sign of this will be modreqed and treated harshly.
  4. Empty houses are vacant and can be moved into at any time.
  5. Feel free to build a house on any district on the path. Just follow the theme of the district (rule 1).
  6. Always replant farms. Failure to do so will be modreqed.
  7. No digging any holes in the town; they look bad and negatively impact the town's image as a whole.
  8. Do not destroy any of the trees on the golf course; they are used for decoration and are NOT for materials.
  9. Do not claim the roads; the road layout may need to be changed.
  10. Join the Republic discord: This will allow you access to The Hive and make it easier for the Republic leaders to message you.

Build Code

While Dublin does not feature any form of build code, each district holds a defining theme: Main Dublin largely has buildings with oak/ birch log frames and a trim of the corresponding planks; The Mississippi District has Dark Oak and Stone Brick buildings; South Dublin has Dark Oak pathways and Dark Oak buildings on stilts; RT Town features a mix of Mississippi and South Dublin's themes. Before standing down as mayor, DrthVrdrMarenghi would help anybody who needed help with their house, doing things like suggesting changes and pitching in himself. Drolnogard's policy isn't any different; if the residents need help, they can simply ask, and they will receive it.

Points of interest

Dublin features many points of interest to visit; these builds form a large part of Dublin's appeal, bringing a fresh of breath air to the town and attracting many members of the community to view them. Dublin's points of interest are:

  • The Statue of Whimsy: Dublin features a large statue of WhimsyBridges, with a plaque declaring her to be the "Esteemed Capitalist"; this nickname has stuck, and has since become a running joke within the server.
  • The Dublin Courthouse and Jail: Here, criminals may be tried for crimes, such as bad fashion.
  • Wheat Farm: In the south-west area of Dublin, a large farm can be found which contains over 200 blocks of wheat; this farm is public, and can be used by anyone. A tree and berry farm can also be found in this area.
  • The Dublin Golf Course: A traditional 18-hole mini-golf minigame which an be played by anyone; each hole features a different theme, including ones underground following the theme of a mine. Bordering the 18-hole East Godhaven Golf Course, both courses can be played for a 36 hole tournament.
  • The Dublin Mountain: Near the Golf Course, the Dublin Mountain can be found; the Mountain contains two landmarks: the Dublin Bunker (holding small chicken and wheat farms for emergencies, alongside the old base of KittFoonya), and the Dublin Spire. The Spire reaches to height limit, and has a staircase on the exterior that reaches up to about 3/4 of the Spire's height.
  • The Dublin Bed Tornado: Dublin features a tornado formed of various beds.
  • The Mississippi Library: Here, players can visit to read books in peace and quiet.
  • The Dublin Toblerone: Originally part of Coleraine, South Dublin features a Toblerone build which pierces the sky; the Toblerone can be seen from anywhere in South Dublin.
  • The Dublin Wall: A point of tension between the two towns, the Dublin Wall defends South Dublin from the neighbouring town Coleraine.
  • The Dublin Mines: A long mined-out area which is open for all to use; legends tell that diamonds can be still found somewhere in the mine.
  • The Dublin Embassies: Dublin features two embassies: one belonging to TkLots and the other belonging to Karanzi.
  • The Dublin Hole: The first point of interest created in Dublin, the Hole holds various text inside such as "Egg". The Hole was once Dublin's main attraction.
  • The Dublin Trainlines: Part of the server Railway project, there is a railway connecting all the districts of the town.
  • Triceratops: In South Dublin lies the recently unearthed remains of a Triceratops.
  • The Dublin Storage Areas: Both South Dublin and Dublin Proper share three public storage houses; these store inactive player's items, but may be used freely by members of the community.
  • Drolnogard's Castle: Originally built in Coleraine, this castle was one of the first projects Dublin's current mayor created on the server.
  • The 'Pant' Religion: Originally created in Steelport, the Pant religion has extended its reach to Dublin where multiple members live.