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Sylva is a currently solo base, owned and created by Cookies250. It was founded on August 10th, 2019. It is located at -4663x, 106z and takes up about 8,000 blocks in claim size.

A picture of Sylva taken with PTGI Shaders.

Currently the base consists of one floor, the main lobby. It has three smaller hallways coming off, and a very large nether portal. The main focal point is a large tree in the center of the base, surrounded by four branching paths leading to different areas.


Sylva started as a design in a creative world, and was worked on and off for about 2 months before the constructon actually began. It took about a week to build the walls and roof, and another two weeks to drain all of the water and mine out the interior. The sorting system was later built in the left corridor.

Future Plans

Currently there is a second level planned, located further undeground. It will be accessable from the back section. It will likely be offset from the first floor