End puzzle event

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The end puzzle event was a puzzle created by Jim and Katuen, set up in time for the opening of the end on the 12 October 2019 at 7pm. It was set up over the course of a few days before the opening of the end.


The first stage was located in The End, located in a tucked away area were a series of lights on the main End island. Additionally at different locations of the main island, there were hidden buttons on command blocks, with different means to activate them.

The first button press of each would post [Name] activated a light into the chat, and then activate one of three lights.

The first one was a hut, where people could walk up and press a button. Second was a small slit in a protected wall, where players would have to crouch and fire an arrow at a button far away. The third button was located within a pillar and required crawling to reach it.

Once all three lights were activated, a server-wide sound played with a message of A door opens... and a sliding door moved to reveal another button beside the three lights.

Upon pressing this button, a larger sliding door moved into the wall and revealed a shopkeeper, who offered a book for 1 iron ingot.

The first button was found by many, the second was solved by Mc_Kowski, who also found the location of the lights and thus the shopkeeper to the next step. The third button had unfortunately been removed due to dragon respawns, and was activated on behalf of players.

tops eht skram x

The book had the name tops eht skram x - when read in reverse: x marks the spot - with the contents of:

Forest Village & Godhaven
Coleraine & Neo Nowhere

These locations could all be found via the servers Dynmap, and if a line was drawn from the first and second locations, and then from the third and forth, it would create an X on the map.

This led to a small lake within the spawn area. Upon exploring a few blocks from the X location there was a hole where people could swim down and follow an unlit tunnel underground, until reaching another shopkeeper who offered a locked map for 1 iron ingot.

By this time there were a small group of players - Although it was Bullwhip who figured out the X shape and got to the location and found the entrance to the shopkeeper.


The map was locked, and at the lowest zoom, but had a red x on it, similar to other minecraft treasure maps. Players could either use the Dynmap to find it, or walk near enough to it to be seen via their location of dots.

The map was shared on Discord, where Kassen found the location via the Dynmap, which led to a race to the location.

The final rooms

The location was on a small island, that once dug out, would land people in a quartz block room, with blocks of diamonds, emeralds, iron and gold scattered around, along with a chest with some loot in.

Hidden in the wall was a button again attached to a command block, upon pressing this a sliding floor would move back to reveal a stair case.

At the bottom of the staircase a switch would activate a large door, leading to an abandoned throne like room, where Thanos armour, with level 100 protection stood on an armour stand.

ClassyBulb was the first player to reach the final location and gain the armour, followed closely by Trainerchris2.