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Sakurium is a district of Sai City once known for its build code. It's made up mainly of skyscrapers, taking its design from modern-day cities.


Location of Sakurium on the dynamic map.

Located South West of spawn in the 1.14 world. Roughly 3,000 blocks north of the world border.

Build Restrictions

When a person wanted to build in sak they had to go to a private world and recreate what they wanted to build or show a concept and send it to the build counsel. It would either get accepted, rejected, or would even be modified by the counsel. This caused a lot of people to not join due to most of them just wanted to just build a skyscraper or house and not have to ask if a plan is fine. Also if the building built without permission or "looked ugly" the counsel would request for it to be taken down or modified so it looked better

This build restriction is not in place anymore but any new buildings or modifications to what's left of the city had to still go through markthomas007.


Sakurium is an urban skyscraper city with high-rises mostly made of quartz and concrete. Due to the strict build style and government, not a lot of people joined.

It started in the 1.12/1.13 server with the idea of making a urban skyscraper city by the original mayor Professor_Sword. He was strict on what was built and the city didn't grow much due to the lack of resources the 1.12/1.13 server had.

When the whitelist completely broke beyond repair one month before the server reset, one person in the sak discord decided to host a server in the snapshot versions of 1.14 for anyone that wanted to try out building with the new blocks so they had practice for the new city in 1.14. The server became to be known as Sakurium Evolution (later shortened to Sakura Evo) since it originally showed the evolution of building from the sak builders and was Japanese themed (though the evolution concept was later scraped when it was developed more). The owner of the server started to develop it into an actual server network and is now being developed into a full server network. Its still being developed and is was recently released.

The town went inactive for several months around the time they were building suburbs.

A Slight Revival

With the entrance of a new mayor, "DrthVrdr", along with the opening of the end dimension, some old and new Sakurium citizens began trickling back to support the several month inactive town. Some of the few players that came back began to attempt to completely finish the urban section. But this was short lived and soon people stopped working on the city and moved on to other projects on the server.

Closing Down

The suburban district of Sakurium, also known as Sai (Originally Hajimari), split off from the main Sakurium city and developed a better stance in the role of a proper town. It had plans to create a brand new town, with much less government and restrictions, similar to the style of Godhaven or Somewhere. They started building but also died soon after due to lack of support and also having the same problem of being so far from spawn.

Sakurium is now rendered a metropolitan ghost town. The city lost its city status on the server and joined Sai City as the Urban District. The district only had two people still living there. MoroboshiAtaru, and markthomas007.

The Last Big Sakurium project (RT International)

This project was started by markthomas007 and at the time was one of the most ambitious projects on the server.

This project was the plan to build a airport near Sakurium and to revamp parts of the city to be more realistic and to remove/finish parts of the city. The airport was the main focus of the project and it took about 5 months to build the first terminal. Later he made a deal with albuq to get a elytra on the server and included in that deal was to put his name on the terminal.

Markthomas007 looked back at his final product and realized was not exactly great so he started to work on a terminal 2 of the airport. While revamping terminal 2 he was going to revamp the runways and taxiways once the terminal was further along.

That never came to be. Due to lack of people on the server and not having much motivation. The whole project fell apart and the new terminal was left in a incomplete state. Later he got more motivation to play on the server but wanted to work on the other part of the project that involved more of the city and started to revamp the highways and the land next to the james terminal.

This didn't last long and soon stopped work leaving it in a unfinished state. After that the project was abandoned and sadly was never finished.

Significant Locations

Rincon Tower (Used to be called The Sakurium Villager Tower)

James Terminal

The New World Trade Center

RT International (The Albuq Terminal [Terminal 1] 97% | WhimsyBridges Terminal [International Terminal] 40%)