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Coordinates121, 2347
Nether PathBlue

Arios is a settlement located due south of Spawn, which can be accessed via the Blue Highway. The settlement was established early on in the 1.14 world's history, before being abandoned at an unknown date. On March 16, 2020, the same day Not Dublin declared itself a kritarchy, the Kritarchy of Not Dublin claimed the settlement as part of its territory. It has since been incorporated into the Kritarchy of Not Dublin as an autonomous district.

There are currently no residents in the settlement. There also remains many unfinished projects, including a castle built into a mountain, a port, and various houses—though there are plans by Banoffee_Pi to complete some of these builds.

Former Residents

(The following list may not be comprehensive.)

  • Gilder_G
  • ResBeen
  • CitizenDex

Points of Interest

Underwater Builds

Under the ocean lies a conduit alongside buildings that include a large glass bottle and an enclosed farm.

World's Tallest Sugarcane

The self-proclaimed world's tallest sugar cane stretches all the way from bedrock to nearly the build height limit. The sign next to the sugarcane dates the crop June 22, 2019.

Crafting Table House

Near the mountaintop plaza sits a house entirely constructed from crafting tables, save for the corners of it. The purpose is unclear, but one thing is for certain: it seems to have been quite the crafty solution to an inability to decide on housing material.

Arios Port

By the ocean lays a small port that contains a medium-sized ship. Along the walkways of the port also lays the main portal for the settlement.