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The Mob Museum is a collection and display area for all of the obtainable and maintainable mobs and items available on the server, as well as server memorabilia, player-written books of interest, and various town maps, created by WhimsyBridges.

Appropriately nicknamed "Labyrinth 2.5", the museum is a multi-level underground complex that extends from the Somewhere Main portal where it can be accessed all the way to the wither rose farm west of town. As of June 11, every passive and aggressive mob in version 1.15 which does not despawn when named (excluding the Ender Dragon and Elder Guardians) is featured in a variety of display cases or left free to roam the museum. This also includes a ghast, guardian, live shulker, blaze, all of the pillager raid mob types, and a wither named "Welcome to Somewhere".

More recently the museum has expanded to include various sentimental or historical items from around the server, including the Thanos armour from the End Puzzle event, now-unobtainable legacy armour, prizes from the detailing contests, an original lore token from the End Opening in October 2019, and a small collection of curse of binding pumpkins with charming names such as "peepeepoopoo". In addition, various books have been gathered from around the server, such as the NotDublin constitution, RT's Diary, and the infamous Theadonn's Gravel Love Story fanfic by WolfSlayr.

Other points of interest in the Museum (aka WhimsyBridge's massive 23k claim block base) include a bedrock-to-sealevel mansion with a night sky and constellations, several themed animal rooms spread around the base, definitely not a nuclear reactor, a water tunnel tag room, and a gift shop.

There is also an All Items room, which displays every object available in 1.15 survival mode. Including an additional bonus Barrier block, Command block, Chain command block and Repeating command block spawned in by Jim.

Building credits: WolfSlayr, MrSergeant, TeamWinFTW, and Elvenone, among many others.

Shelly the I,II and III

The end bridge event started when WhimsyBridges offered two stacks of diamond blocks for a shulker to be split amongst a group of volunteers. Several players immediately jumped on the idea and got to work researching how the expedition could be pulled off.

On March 26 a group of people (mainly consisting of Theadonn, Stephanovietch, albuq, TeamWinFTW, WolfKnightSlayer, tysonpickel and djhojka) started constructing a bridge in the end leading from the blue gateways. After 6 hours of bridging, an end city was found with one shulker left. Shelly was put into a boat, and the ice for the highway was placed as the group progressed back to the main island. the journey back took about 30 minutes, at which point the group tried developing a plan to get Shelly to the overworld.

The plan was to place buttons everywhere, hit Shelly, have her get onto the bedrock pillar of the end portal, then either boat or minecart her in. After an hour of trying this the group finally got Shelly into the portal, with someone waiting at spawn to see if she ended up there. It was realized too late that entities were prevented from passing through the portal, and Shelly ended up trapped in the portal in a minecart. After seeing some images of end hub covered in buttons and rails, ValentinT and SierraStorms came online to investigate. Because Shelley was completely stuck and was pinging the server console with errors, ValentinT killed Shelley and SierraStorms respawned Shelly II on the end-side of the portal, where she was later moved to a safe location. The next day Katuen spawned one more Shelly just outside the spawn portal, where it was boated to the museum and dropped into its display case through the floor of Labyrinth 1. This was one of Whimsy's most highly paid jobs, with most of the helpers receiving 40 diamond blocks and a number of sponges each. All told, the expedition took over 8 hours of bridging, buttoning, transporting, and cleanup.

Later in the week some madlads decided to complete the highway they had started, and spent three long days constructing a 16k x 16k full ice bridge to the end and then to the blue/purple border corner, where a small town was founded. Credits to albuq, cRzOrCho, Drolnogard, Theadonn, Mattwd, Stefanovietch, and WolfSlayr.

Notable Mob Mentions

Due to both the varied nature of mobs and the unfortunate lack of foresight in making the museum entirely underwater, there have been some interesting challenges in filling the museum. Most mobs were brought in via a 2x2 drop into a pool of water accessible in the Somewhere harbor, but some have had to be dropped in directly to their cages with sponged out tunnels into the reactor room or through the floor of Labyrinth 1.

Bat (Captured by Whimsy)

Caught on the opposite side of the base in the purple hallways behind the kitchen, was transported over with an enclosed dirt tunnel and blocked off the path bit by bit all the way to its final cage.

Blaze (Captured by albuq)

The blaze in the case is attempt #9, as the others were killed by suffocation, Thorns armor, rain, or chunk loading before making it to the museum.

Dolphin (Later despawned)

There had not been plans to capture a dolphin because of despawning issues, but one day as Whimsy was sorting supplies a dolphin made it through the water door and dropped all the way into the base on its own. It was quickly transported to the museum aquarium, where a screenshot was taken for the archive before it eventually despawned and definitely didn't suffocate because Whimsy didn't think to look up dolphin information on the wiki beforehand.

Ghast (Captured by Drolnogard, LarryLarrington, fuyuuuuuwu, and Whimsy)

Method of transport: used fishing rods to pull it into a mine cart in the nether, made a large portal in the overworld and enclosed it in blocks for the transition between carts, then constructed a rail from the Somewhere harbor to Labyrinth 1 and dropped it through the floor directly into its display case.

Guardians (Captured by LoadXBare)

With what might be a record farm-to-cage transport time of 7 minutes, LoadXBare contributed not one, but eleven guardians to the museum, because when you ask the masses for mob names and get 11 answers, the proper way to choose one is to just get 11 mobs. One guardian was donated by ClassyBulb, who accidentally killed one while its cage was being constructed. "I appreciate the mobs in the museum about 1000% more now, because Jesus it took like an hour to get the guardian there" -ClassyBulb

Jonas_00_ (Captured by himself)

Jonas has twice become a feature of the museum by falling into the ravager drop chute on the far side of Labyrinth 1, though he has unfortunately managed to escape both times. Maybe some day...

Phantom (Captured by Whimsy)

The current phantom in the museum is attempt #2, as the first capture was viciously attacked by foxes. The capture process was to make a carpet of boats in the water outside the museum, then dive underneath them as phantoms attacked. The phantom would be trapped in the boat

Ravager (Captured by albuq, Larry Larrington, Mattwd, and Stefanovietch)

By the time Larry the Ravager was transported over land and water from the Waffleville village to a drop pit behind Labyrinth 1 that led into the reactor room, it had racked up a kill count of 4 players, making it the single deadliest mob in the museum. From the reactor room it was led across the museum into its current cage.

Iron Golem

Judith the Iron Golem has slain approximately 6 museum mobs mid-transport, including 3 vindicators and at least one evoker. Judith currently has her hands full with the slimes that spawn around the museum.

Silverfish and Stray (Captured by albuq, Drolnogard, and Whimsy)

Since silverfish only spawn in strongholds and igloos (not the type found in villages), a group was dispatched to locate an igloo in one of the northeast snow biomes. After finding one and confirming that silverfish would indeed spawn there, albuq and Whimsy built a water elevator to bring the mob to the surface and constructed a portal nearby that ended up only 20 blocks from a main ice highway. While transporting the silverfish, a stray and a black and white rabbit were captured and brought to the museum as well.

ValentinT (Captured by Drolnogard, LarryLarrington, and Whimsy)

The ValentinT was discovered in the nether hub shops by Larry and Drolnogard. Perceived to be frozen due to hopper performance, the ValentinT was pushed bit by bit all the way to the Somewhere portal and dropped down the mob chute. It was nearly in its display case when it suddenly sprung to life, but with a concerted effort the ValentinT was successfully added to the exhibit. It sadly despawned later leaving a pillager banner and a sign in its place.

Wandering Trader (Captured by WolfSlayr)

He's definitely still in there

Witch (Captured by Mattwd)

Moments after obtaining an Efficiency V trade, a lightning strike promptly executed Mattwd's prize librarian and turned it into an AI-less witch. Fortunately Whimsy wanted a witch so Mattwd dug a several hundred block nether tunnel all the way to Somewhere. Unfortunately AI-less witches are prevented from going through portals, so the plan was scrapped. Luckily a normal witch happened to spawn nearby, and after many, many milk buckets and about 45 minutes of netherrack sailing the witch was delivered to the museum. You can still visit the borked 0 AI witch today at -6290, 5008.