Nether Hub (1.13)

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The Nether Hub was the center point of the Nether, where many tunnels to other locations were.

Construction of the Old Nether Hub

The nether hub was entirely built by the community of the server in 2018, many people worked on the hub over time until it became the nether hub people came to know.

Nether Hub Directory

Directory of the Old Nether Hub

Unlike the modern nether hub, the old hub was one single directory for all the popular locations on the server. While the directory itself was condensed and the amount of paths made navigation confusing, it still allowed people to locate many places on the server.

Nether Shops

There were many shops scattered all around Nether Hub, some of which were made on the ceiling of the hub, with the only access being a ladder below. There was also a multi-floored main shopping complex, were a big majority of the player shops were, the stalls in these shops were mostly filled with shops of inactive players, thus many people made their own outside of the complex.