Blackpool 2

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Aerial view of Blackpool 2
Aerial view of Blackpool 2

Blackpool 2 is the second iteration of the town 'Blackpool' from the first minecraft server; the town was founded between the New Alaska and WcDonalds streams.


While the town began as a small project, incoming players from the next few build streams increased its population. Founded by Ogavva, the town was peaceful until the WcMonalds incident; afterwards, the town began to lose its players, and officially died when its second mayor was banned.

The WcMonalds Incident

The top of the WcDonalds burger, as seen from the town center

The morning after WcMonalds was created, residents of Blackpool 2 protested, and asked the mods (and RT) to remove it. After a few days, a few of the residents griefed the build and were subsequently permanently banned from the server. The first remained active for a while, but due to decreasing popularity within the community, they eventually left the server.

Annexation by West Side

Shortly before Zero__Two, the second mayor of Blackpool, was banned for hacking, they made a final wish to MagicSpark, mayor of West Side, asking that Blackpool 2 would be annexed by West Side. This wish was granted, and shortly after, West Side became one of the largest towns on the server. It would hold this position for a very large time, holding a massive amount of land.