The Fields

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The Fields
FoundedFebruary 2021
Coordinates105, 2313
Nether PathGreen [Wheat]

The Fields started as a cursed project but turned into a friendly, farming centered community focused around the enormous fields that give the town its name. It was founded in February of 2021 by Kassen, Thermus, and Manic__Pixie. While there is no actual leader, Kassen is the Founder and Chair of the community.


Originally founded by Kassen in February 2021, it was nothing more than a medium sized wheat field for new players to have something to eat. However, after more players exhibited interest, it grew. Theadonn made a big impact in terms of size; therefore, it was decided that the town would be built around 'The Fields'.



Rules of 'The Fields' are fairly simple, of which all residents are asked to abide by politely.

  • Always replant
  • Ask if you would like to join the area; don't just arrive and build anywhere you want.
  • Tall builds are to be discussed prior to building
  • Do not Hoard the wheat
  • Stick to similar styles to builds around you
  • Don't wreck the environment including land mass & plants without seeking permission
  • Be respectful to all other residents, and other players

Projects & Goals

  • Infinite WhEat
  • Beach resort, for tourists wanting to roll in fields of wheat
  • Market town, to get bread
  • Wheat Guardian, statue of worship to protect our crops
  • Docks/Port, only small
  • Church or Cathedral, depending how ambitious we are

Monthly Time Line

February 'the fields' were founded by Kassen, who collated a small team to fuel his dream. Work started on planting and planning the area and thus the settlement formed.
March As a collective, we decided that the name should be smart and capitalized; therefore, we updated it to 'The Fields'. Expansions to fields were started, as well as our personal accommodation, spread across our proposed area to eventually fully control. the path was continued from spawn in a similar style and leads to/through most of our areas. More residents joined us, and a couple of key builds were finished.
April Deforesting happened in preparation for [The Fields Metropolis] name pending. A harbor to the south was started so that we can dock some boats and ships for wheat transport. Path building is planned to wrap the area to give it greater structure, as well as an estuary to define our boundary on our northeast & southwest boarders. Paths were made to give an indication that you are entering the area(to define the area), and we shall also build a welcome gate & rules wall so that players entering know the crack.
May In our Discord, we have discussed making a small villager hall, monument/statue, cattle field & sheep shed. We have also planned to make a medieval city and make short fences around areas so that they are even more defined (these walls will probably be made when our build becomes more full).

during this time our town has been quite inactive apart from the determined and hard working inhabitant Coorycbar123. she has built up the port front with a wonderful historic terrist that suits the theme of the area wonerfully, thess houses will make a great start to a larger more complex town.

September Coorycbar123 has continued to expand the harbor side town and the light house has been revamped by Big_Legg, to suit the style, the plan is to have a very busy medievil town, filling the whole spruce forest are of the fields. this may include a chuch/place of worship, and a center piece. Coory has worked hard and stuck to a theme, including details even to flags, all while on bedrock.
October The harbour town has doubled in due to Coorycbar123s commitment, althought the building dont currently have interiors or use. this will a job to be done one all the biome has been filled, small details have been added and shop stall may be included in the near future, the area looks and fits naturally, and has bushes and flowers that are a perfect match.



  • Big_Legg
  • BriteLyght
  • *C00rycbar123
  • genesius_
  • Kassen
  • Leomeodeo
  • Manic__Pixie
  • Quarternix
  • SoaralStuff
  • sonop
  • SonOfTheFields
  • staticminded
  • Theadonn
  • Themrus