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Enjo naval base
FoundedFebuary, 2020
Coordinates-673, 6695
Nether PathBlue, Red Concrete

Founded in Feburary 2020 by Theadonn, Enjo is a naval base and ship yard dedicated to building modern warships in contrast to the more commonly found older ships (such as pirate ships); While Enjo features a focus on WW1/WW2 era warships, this is not exclusive, and many other ships have been constructed.
"It is a place for people who like ships to build ships."
Enjo is found towards the end of the blue nether highway, and neighbours New Atlantis.


  1. No pirate ships, and any non modern ships need to be run by Theadonn first.
  2. As this is a naval base, please do not build a nice little home on the island.
  3. Don't add onto the naval base without asking.
  4. Follow the server rules.

Current ships under construction or finished

The first ship to be constructed was the Ise class battleship IJN Hyuuga.

A list of the ships being constructed or finished:

  • IJN Hyuuga by Theadonn
  • Abeille Bourbon by Umaroux
  • HNLMS K2 by Mattwd
  • HMS Tribal by deadchox
  • USS Fletcher by EzaPHellz
  • A junk boat by SuperPixelMan
  • IJN Fuji by Umaroux (unfinished)
  • USS Nimitz by Theadonn (unfinished)

The naval base

On the island there is a large naval base, however at the current moment it's only the beginning of one. There is plans for dry docks, a land based plane hangar, and more.