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EndArk was formed around the 12th of July, 2020 by pokeballersprime and Ponshop, and aims to get the town status.

FoundedJuly 14th 2020
Mayorpokeballersprime, Ponshop
Coordinates-1498, -6
Nether PathSpawn (The End Portal)


EndArk started out as an End Skyblock challenge, and Soon after it started, it evolved into a settlement from a sky block challenge, and this challenge, as of writing, is still going on.

Landmarks include: The biggest chorus fruit stem, the turtle pond, and the Housing.


There are two ways to reach the town. Both require you to travel to the End Dimension and go to the 3rd purple tower. You can either go through the gateway here, and then follow the purple path, or walk directly from this tower for around 1000 blocks to the town.

Process of Getting Outside Items

The only way get more items, like dirt and sand, is to sell materials gathered on the Ark. These are sold in the nether hub mall. Materials can then be bought in at the same mall with the currency you made.


Please note that the town isn't claimed, but trying to grief will get you warned and possibly banned other rules are as follows:

  • No Griefing
  • No Stealing From Personal Chests
  • Help The Community
  • No outside items allowed without permission

Past and Present Residents

Ponshop pokeballersprime QTIPSTER Thiskal epicnohamdeluxe Dang
fuyuuuuuuuwu Maxinaut WolfSlayr Drolnogard Jurassic_Matt WhimsyBridges
NaomiPaoni ValentinT SierraStorms TILR16 Easy_bake_oven Hey_its_N8
Beholderface Yankysman555 berfv 411D0k15b35td0k1 Polaris1x VibeControlle
Pointless__ EzaHellz _Pestilence Pandolphina


Fuyus Chorus Plant

Fuyu has crafted a large chorus plant on the outskirts of EndArk.

Turtle Beach

The home of the first turtles in space, raised carefully by pokeballersprime and Ponshop.


This chicken was made after NaomiPaoni fished up a nametag and asked for names. Multiple people came up with names and instead of picking one she picked all 5 and merged them all together, thus JeffNameBigChungusChesterGorgonzola was made.


Currently their are only a few farms the major ones being the Manual tree farms on the outskirts of the town and the chorus fruit farms which are also at the edges of the town.