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City Stream Build

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The City build was streamed on the 23rd April 2020 and the final stream build on the 1.15 version. The original idea came from a friend of RT's, who suggested a build inspired by the Las Vegas Strip. This later developed into a full city build premise with 384 available plots, and 48 "open" plots. This was also the first time a creative mode build stream in the overworld was toured during the in-game night time.

This was the largest stream to date, with a record 330 players on the server at once.

The City build was revisited once again on 24 May 2020 to be used as a "Hunger Games"-style survivor map with 100 people.



Uptime: 3:14:40

Date: April 23rd 2020

Title: Let's build an entire city with 100 players. Type !server for login info

Uptime: 4:45:30

Date: May 24th 2020

Title: We made a 100 Player Hunger Games map. Type !server for login info