Almost Heaven Stream Build

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This stream build was inspired by RTGame's recent playthrough of Bioshock Infinite. It started off as a simple idea of a build in New Earth where people could build above the clouds.

This later expanded into a build in its own world, with the later idea to copy-paste into New Earth - to take advantage of the additional world height 1.17 would offer. This world is now accessible via the New Heaven portal in the Misc section of the New Earth hub.

A few visual tweaks were applied, such as changing the light and shadow level of the world, meaning higher clouds did not cast dark shadows below. For the duration of the stream, the sky colour was also changed to that of a deeper blue - to mimic the feel of Bioshock Infinite.



Uptime: 4:27:49 (13:21 Minecraft)

Date: June 15th 2021