2020 Stream Build

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This build took place on 4 January 2020. It was a New Year's stream to celebrate the new year and decade.

Although it was a stream where builders built their predictions and ideas for what would happen in the new decade, this build is often confused as a representation of the events that took place in 2020. Since the build took place in early 2020, multiple builds may have aligned by sheer coincidence with actual events that took place in 2020. An example of this is the stream "house" where people enter to be teleported to the build site; although it was a depiction of entering a bunker, it was not intended to represent recent political news that had emerged.



Uptime: 2:04:51

Date: January 4th 2020

Title: We're representing 2020 on our server, this could be very depressing - Twitch Subscribers can join by typing !server