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Founded15th January
Nether PathRed, Black/Red Star Flags

Syrinx was a growing town which is currently being created solely by its mayor and founder LarryLarrington.

The town itself has been through numerous changes as it developed, and currently has the most stone used in one build on the server (currently featuring over 300k + stone blocks). The Sky Fortress forms the majority of Syrinx's area, while the rest of the town is situated on the ground below.

Syrinx was initially created as a passion project by Larrylarrington, who later decided to open his creation to other residents; this however, would lead to be the town's downfall, as other members of the community corroded Larry's creative vision - this led to him to become disillusioned with his build, and he now only works on the project with the goal of destroying it upon its completion.


Currently, the only resident of Syrinx is the mayor LarryLarrington. While houses remain dotted around Syrinx, all other residents have now been evicted. Pre-eviction, the town's residents included:

  • Jeemb
  • Mattwd
  • cRzOrCho
  • NagaDragonSlayer
  • EmoBoyScreaming
  • Zehrodyl
  • ThatOneNerdYT
  • Festiff
  • VQ_Quinn
  • CaactusJuice
  • Stefanovietch
  • TysonPickle
  • Bigpurplebubbles
  • Comsox
  • CBAirsoft

Sky Fortress

The Sky Fortress is the largest building in Syrinx; propped up by a large tree underneath the structure, it consists of over 300,000 stone blocks, and features four large corridors at the top - each leading to different sections of a large ring which surrounds the town; the ring features old farms and houses of the old Syrinx residents.

Points of interest

There are several points of interest in Syrinx that should be explored before the town's inevitable destruction; these include:

  • The Villager Hub,
  • The Thanos Face build,
  • The Map of The End,
  • Cho's house,
  • The Giant Tree,
  • The initial Syrinx living area.