International Bee Republic (1.14)

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International Bee Republic (IBR)
FoundedFebruary of 2020
Coordinates-8000 -8000
Nether PathRed, Honeycomb

First established by BallPointPen_ and DanimalJD in February of 2020, the International Bee Republic is a town in the south-west corner of the world near the -8000, -8000 coordinates. Elections for the International Bee Republic happen every year, on January 1st-15th.


After a long pilgrimage to the top of the world, camp was set up with the goal of a making a nation built upon a foundation of bees. The original base for setup was built within a hidden area behind an artificial waterfall; this area now acts a town vault.

After founding the town, a large bee statue was created in attempt to draw in more residents; here, a secondary project was also started to create a wall enclosing the plains biome from the neighbouring mountains to act as a protective border. Once these projects had started, Friendly_Canadian joined the town and helped out with many projects - including expanding the town, recruiting new members, and remodeling the town's nether highway path while being a friendly face in the community. Once the bee statue had finished construction, the town gained more traction and the population began to slowly rise.

The International Bee Republic held their first primary elections in 13th of May, 2020. The first candidate was AbruptFern, but he dropped out due to his lack of interest. Several weeks later, WJR614 decided to run for elections and won. AbruptFern was chosen as vice-president by WJR614.


The International Bee Republic consists of two districts:

  • The Flower District, a district run by AbruptFern
  • Winterfield, a district run by shinako

Points of Interest

  • 4:1 scale model of a Minecraft Bee
  • Public Mine
  • The Great Wall of Bee
  • The Prison
  • The Gold and Diamond Carl Wheezer crucifix
  • The Bee House