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FoundedOctober 22, 2019
Coordinates1310, -4120
Nether PathRed

Aesha is a large plantation located to the upper-northeast of Spawn; accessible via the Red Highway, the settlement was established and run by Mattimeith from October 22, 2019 to November 10, 2019. While the settlement served as Mattimeith's first base on the 1.14 world, it was eventually abandoned as the founder moved to the Blue Kingdom.

Points of Interest

Mayor's Mansion

The Mayor's Mansion may be found at the center of the settlement; a four-storey house featuring a classical/rustic design, the mansion served as Mattimeith's residence.

Animal Farms & Sanctuaries

Aesha features a series of farms and animal sanctuaries, including:

  • Parrot house,
  • Horse pasture,
  • Sheep pasture,
  • Cow pasture,
  • Fox sanctuary.

Aesha Hotel

The Aesha Hotel is a free-to-use four-storey hotel with six available rooms; each room supplies basic accommodations - including a bed, a large chest, and a crafting table. Other amenities such as furnaces and smokers are located on the ground floor.

The Spire

Aesha's Spire is a 120-block-tall polished diorite tower, inspired by the real-world Spire in Dublin; this landmark is a 1:1 replica of it's real world counterpart, given that 1 Minecraft block = 1 meter cubed.


The graveyard is home to the bodies of six deceased Aesha members:

  • jeb_ the Sheep (killed by a berry bush),
  • Ji & Pi the Chickens (slain by Juan the Fox),
  • Barkie the Wolf (killed in a raid),
  • Sparky the Wolf (killed in a raid),
  • Junior the Wolf (killed in a raid).