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Stackton is a small settlement that can be found close to the nether hub along the purple highway.

StatusActive (Union with Godhaven)
Coordinates-625, -55
Nether PathPurple


Stackton started out as a small farm run by TheDucktato, just west of spawn; this was built near a much larger public farm, (owned by MrSquishy_64) which was created in September 2019. Soon after the Ducktato's creation appeared, Professor_Alchem, built their house nearby, and residency stagnated.

In mid-October 2019, a second resident (CodyWGamer_YT) built a home nearby, and this same day Godhaven mayor Thejmqn approached DuckTato with the offer of making the settlement a Godhaven district. Once becoming a district, the population of Stackton increased rapidly (welcoming members Glitch_FACE and LasagneVeryCool), and, subsequently, Stackton also saw the opening of a general store, a potions shop and a public mine. Due to the town's growth, Stackton's status with Godhaven was promoted into an equal union partnership.


Stackton is currently home to 6 residents:

  • TheDucktato - Mayor
  • Professor_Alchem
  • CodyWGamer_YT
  • Glitch_FACE
  • Thejmqn
  • Action35

Notable Locations

  • The Public Farm : This farm features an incredible variety of crops in vast quantities,
  • The Public Mine: A public mining area for all to use,
  • The General Store: A shop where a variety of items may be bought - to set up a store ask CodyWGamer_YT for permissions,
  • The Potions Store: Here, potions of all kinds may be bought.


  1. No ruining/building over public builds or other peoples builds,
  2. Any tall structures must be discussed with TheDucktato before building.