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FoundedJuly 2019
Coordinates-25, 542
Nether PathBlue, Polished Diorite

Draconium is a humble town located in the southern spawn area; dedicated to nature and sustainability, the town features a medieval aesthetic inspired by the series A Game of Thrones. Draconium features three forests, a large wheat valley, and a small beach with a cove; each of these areas were built by hand. It is located on the Blue highway.

Past & Present Residents

Blayne329 DatGuy24 Clever_Pug_135 LittleDragon243
treyminecraft1 Lorikke Lino_Cellulino AverageGaymer
Thejmqn _Cynder_ Zehrodyl Sigisad
The horse statue in Draconium

Notable builds

Draconium has multiple public builds and reserves:

The Draconium Cove

The Draconium Cove is an area that houses many different types of fish, including turtles and multiple tropical fish. It's a secret area that can be found under the beach.

Wheat Valley

The wheat valley is a large wheat farm located on the Eastern part of Draconium. It is one of the most well-known monuments from Draconium, and both new and old players alike still use it.

The Forest Reserve

The forest reserve is one of the three forests surrounding Draconium. It is a birch forest that has been well-maintained. A statue of a horse was built there in May 2020, and it serves as a monument.