St. Laquare

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St. Laquare
FoundedMarch 22nd, 2021
Coordinates4157, 1303
Nether PathBlue, Basalt Gate with signs

History & Buildings

St. Laquare is a town with a modern city theme that was founded on 25 March, 2021 by CeriseCoronet. From that day, the settlement had a slow start but kept growing. Eventually the population skyrocketed from just two people to six.

The first few buildings in St. Laquare were built by Mayor CeriseCoronet. These buildings include the Town Hall (Brick Building), The Mechanic's (Yellow Building), The Art Gallery, (Sandstone & Green Terracotta Building), and The Modern Home (Basalt & White Concrete Building). Also included is a Historic District with elirbs placed as head contractor for the job. The Historic District has the a medieval/Viking theme. The only other district at the time is the Residential District, led by Vorkium.


The mayor of St. Laquare has issued three documents about the current state of the city, new policies, and projected buildings.

The first document was created on 22 March, the day that the settlement was founded. This document states the future layout for the Districts, also know as Project District. There was no new policy's introduced in this document.

The second document was created on 29 March. This document talked about the future buildings for the settlement. This document was the first to introduce a policy: "No dumping trash into Lake Laquare".

The third document was created on 6 April and adopted the second policy of have the members trust the mayor in the claim for terraforming and road building. Later in the document, elirbs was officially put as head contractor of the Historic District.

Despite Vorkium being put in charge of the Residential district, there was no document that followed the decree.

Current Residents

  • CeriseCoronet (Mayor)
  • i_g0t_n0thing
  • ExRedGuard
  • radoncombe
  • Vorkium
  • SkippySchnitzel

Note: elirbs does not live in St. Laquare but still helps with the creation of the historic district


  • No destroying others' properties
  • Clean up messes you make, Ex. Chests left outside your house or land claim
  • Follow the policies or work out a deal with the mayor
  • Replant the community farm

Note: Joining the discord isn't a rule, but it's highly advised.