Community Fishing Docks

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The community fishing docks are a public place for people to fish and hang out. People are welcome to come and go and take what they need from the public storage, as long as they do not do so purely to resell the items there. They are located along the yellow iceway, have red terracotta as their directory block and are accessible through the same portal as Kaynoughtree.


One of the residents of Kaynoughtree started to build a small fishing dock besides the town, to create a safe spot to fish for themselves. A few residents joined the fishing, and the small dock quickly became overcrowded. An expansion was made to fit more players, but then players from outside the town started joining in on the fishing, forcing yet another expansion to the once small, private dock. The decision was made to make the docks a community dock, as the original resident could not be bothered trusting this many people, and a private storage for important goods was quickly made.

The place started to become popular once changes got made to fishing: when emotes, stat parts and lore tokens got added to the fishing pool, more people came down to the docks to fish. Over time, more and more things got added by the community. The peninsula opposite of the docks was turned into a small, snowy island, and made space for more fishing spots. A conduit and beacon were added for protection against hostile mobs.