Withering Heights

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Withering Heights, formerly known as The British Empire and occasionally Withered Heights, was a town founded on the very first day of the 1.16 Minecraft server on 13/02/2021. It was founded by a group of six people who, after obliterating a swamp in the search for resources, eventually settled on a mob-riddled mountain as their new home. The townspeople decided to theme the city around a withered spruce area, as many of the builds appear to be falling apart. The town featured several homes, a wall, a viaduct, a windmill, a mountain range, a rocket ship, several farms, and the home of the server's first sheep admiral. During the town's lifespan, it branded itself as a holiday destination with several unique attractions, including a hotel, a mountain with a trading hall and a mansion, and even a city in the back of the town. The town ended with the server on 17/07/2022.

Withering Heights
FoundedFebruary 2020
Coordinates1105, 3853
Nether PathBlue, Coal Block


Founded on the first day of the Minecraft server as "The British Empire" but later rebranded to sound less evil, Withering Heights began in a swamp not far from the 1.16 Spawn before the six founding members moved on and discovered an extremely complex and hollow mountain range. Upon settling here, the members found it completely infested with mobs, which made maintaining a working nightlife difficult. Upon assessment of the town's generally spooky nature, the residents decided to embrace the slightly odd air of the town. This included a recreation of the overlook hotel from The Shining and a general withering design to the town's tunnels.

When the server ended, it had houses for the many citizens of Withering Heights, a mountain, and a city! There were farms for the community to use and some spots for visitors to gain a beautiful view of the city.

On the day the server ended, the mountain's exterior and city were completed, along with some houses. The town remained active until the end, when it went out with a bang along with the rest of the server... literally.

The Town Board for Withering Heights


  • Always ask before setting land aside before building. Just double checking with any neighbors or other members of the town will suffice.
  • Try to minimize your impact on the overall landscape; try and work with it rather than terraforming it (if you do want to terraform, ask for a vote to be held within the Discord).
  • Please try and ensure your homes are well lit to avoid the copious amounts of monster spawns being made even worse. If not lit, try to use different blocks to prevent mob spawns.
  • No more than 20 villagers for the entire town.

Notable locations/residents within the town

  • The Community Hall - A community hall where the notice board can be found. Contains all the essential items (such as crafting tables, enchanting tables, and furnaces), as well as a mayor office and a mail system for the townsfolk. It also contains a small note block song!
    • The Yeet Fields - One of the first locations people will come to from the town docks, the Yeet Fields are a functional farm designed to reduce the amount of mobs spawning outside of the wall. The actual success of this project has been questionable, but it has yielded an amazing amount of toast.
    • The Wall - One of the first major steps taken by the town to curb the issue of mobs, the wall acts as a barrier that made the interior of the town easier to light up while also looking cool. It is connected to the community hall and acts as an entrance to the main area of the town. Similar to the Yeet Fields, its actual effectiveness is a matter for debate.
  • The Docks - Home to the town's one and only ship helmed by the esteemed sheep captain Admiral J. Mutton (the J has been said to stand for many things; it is currently Jooles). The Dock also includes a hotel and a black market, as well as an in-the-works rail link to the Overlook Hotel. Also a fishing location for the town members.
  • Community Mines:
    • The Hole - The town's community mine; basically a gigantic hole. Later had a building built on top to prevent accidental falls. After recent renovations, the hole is now decorated and acts as a hub for mining in withering heights.
    • The Hole 2 - A new mine created because the old hole had little resources left.
  • Withering Statue - A statue of a wither based on different art pieces for Minecraft.
  • The Mountain - The mountain is a location that contains Jimbo's mansion and trading hall. While it was never fully completed, the exterior of the mountain was completed, giving visitors a cool location to see as they pass through the town.
  • The City - A city which contains multiple restaurants, hotels, and shops to improve the shopping system within the town. The city was completed within an hour of the server closing, but it was, in fact, finished!
  • The Subway - The subway runs throughout Withering Heights, connecting it all as one. While slightly withered, it is maintained enough to work for transportation. The subway contains three different branches: one in the main town, one in the city, and one to connect the two!

Unfinished Town Projects

  • The Overlook Hotel: May need extra cleaners if that whole blood scene from the movie happens.
  • The mountain, which contains a mansion and a villager trading hall.

All Members

  • TheTrainerRed
  • FunnyPan
  • Uncle__Jimbo
  • Ajek2760
  • CrimsonKoopa3
  • Umazooe (Former)
  • British_Tax_Man (Former)
  • Eliribs (Former)
  • hekkensnatser (Former)
  • qTIP (Former)
  • Wolfpack