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FoundedMarch 2020
Coordinates-3210 3101
Nether PathPurple, Glowstone

Dovelock is a town in the western half of the server, located to the northeast of Rock Bottom and Sai City (1.14/1.15). Founded on the 5th of March 2020 by K_zuux, Ediant quickly joined the town and became co-mayor.


Founded by k_zuux and Ediant in March of 2020, Dovelock quickly became a bustling city and a hot spot for boat racing.

With the help of the Dovelock Council,a board which assists with town projects and decisions, a balanced base for a town was constructed, upon which the town quickly grew. The council members then proceeded to assist in recruiting and directing new players on where and how to build, while allowing them their own creative freedoms.

Past and Present Residents

K_Zuux (Mayor) Ediant (Co-Mayor / Council Head) Coffee_and_Paint (Council) StapleTheVicar (Council)
Jelly Marina FlorianXXIV Solaborn
ImagineMaster NiftyNif StrongbowCider Minergirl778
SwiftLikeLee Sire_Doggo Ajek2760


1. Please try to avoid claiming the main public pathways/roads. I'd like for them to be unclaimed in-case we ever decide to upgrade, downgrade or otherwise change the town.

2. REPLANT! Trees, seeds, anything. If you mine it or take it, replace it for the next person (unless you're clearing an area for a project).

3. Please try to avoid building into the main lake and river as much as you can, unless it's for a bridge. If possible, stay behind the lake wall (if you're in the main area)

4. Take a look at #plans in the Discord before planning out a new build, and try to abide by the districts.

5. Please build to the aesthetic of the town, which is Medieval / Rustic. Spruce & Oak Logs, planks, Stone brick type blocks are the main building blocks. You aren't restricted to ONLY these blocks (obviously), but try to make them the major blocks in your exterior. If you need help, just ask :)

6. No griefing other players' unclaimed land. If possible, place a sign and let them know it's unclaimed or reach out to them via. DM or something similar. Be nice.

If you notice a rule missing, let K_Zuux or Ediant know!

Town projects and locations

Union Building

The Union building is the town's central building; it holds the Forge, Enchanter and Town basics shop. The forge is open for all members of the community (resident or not), so feel free to use it, and please respect your fellow citizens!

Matt Memorial Bridge

The largest bridge in the city, build by k_zuux at the city's founding, and dedicated to Matt, whom RT literally killed. We remember his courage to fight the one true RT.

Zach Memorial Raceway

The first IBRL raceway, dedicated to boat racing. The track was designed to make you extremely angry while racing.

Tunnel System

The tunnel system was built up in mid-May of 2020, going underneath the major roads (with the exception of going around the aquarium). The tunnels are either 3x2 or 2x2, depending on the road size above. The tunnels are designed to appear that they are in ruins, having dirt, grass, and various stone bricks on the walls.