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FoundedJuly, 2020
Coordinates-2052, -3097
Nether PathRed, Snow

Cloudsdale, originally founded by Catherine9 in July, is currently the only settlement that is completely off the ground, bar the ladder up to the settlement. it is built almost entirely from snow blocks, and while it is a bit flat, plans are to add a bit more depth to the main cloud holding up downtown Cloudsdale. The settlement is located northwest of Ashenvale.


As the settlement was only active for a couple of weeks, it doesn't have a large history. Catherine9 went onto the server, set up shop on a hill outside Ashenvale, set up a portal and snow farm and started construction on the settlement.

A few days later, a few friends joined Catherine9 and started working on the settlement, and expansions.

  • 4/19/2020 - Cloudsdale joins the RT UN. Catherine9 is the Ambassasdor.


  • Buildings can be made of pretty much anything, however, bring up the block selection with the mayor before you build.
  • Before building any large structures or pixel art, please consult the mayor.
  • All new structures must branch off of an existing cloud, and must be built on a cloud (cloud: a collection of snow or white wool blocks made to look like a cloud)
  • The word of the mayor is final in any disputes.
  • be nice to people.
  • no homophobes/transphobes :(

Town Projects

  • Downtown Cloudsdale
  • additional plots
  • cloud depth
  • communal farm

Past and Present Residents

  • Catherine9 (Founder)
  • NeverAngel (Inactive)
  • PixelRockett (Founder)