Nether Hub (1.14)

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The Nether Hub is the central point of the Nether, where the four major Ice Highways, shops, and directories are located.

The Nether Hub centre with the four paths

Construction of the Nether Hub

Construction and ideas started very early on with snapshots 1.14 servers, set up initially by James76931 at the end of 2018.

Initial concepts were sketched digitally in an attempt to plan out a solution to the issues that the previous Nether hub had: it was hard to navigate and wasn't big enough to sustain a directory of locations and paths once the server began to grow.

Built with central portals in mind to link to the 0,0 portal in the overworld, the site was constructed mostly by Katuen, SierraStorms and ValentinT; it features four colour-coded directions in the pole directions to help ease traffic and split the directories into smaller versions.

Sierra added later revisions including hallways to each path, allowing more space for directories and utilities; in addition, she built the shopping mall areas that reside between the colourful roads, as well as general aesthetic changes to make the Hub have a more polished and organized feel.

Nether Hub Main Ice Highways/Paths

There are four paths that lead off from the Nether Hub: a red path (north), a green path (east), a blue path (south) and a purple path (west). All paths have a corresponding directory, displaying many locations with "directory blocks" giving direction on where the portal to the location is.

Each zone has its own four block wide ice highway (or Iceway) leading up to a portal near the world border. Towns, farms, and personal bases can be found branching off these 4 main ice highways.

The main ice highways were expanded to the world border by YourLocalPiebro and Katuen, and are now community maintained.

Nether Hub Mall

Nether Hub Mall

The Nether Hub has 4 main shopping malls, each taking one corner of the hub. There are many stalls that can be rented out for one diamond a week. These spaces can be built on and used as player shops, with the use of shopkeepers. The Nether Hub Mall sells a variety of items, from enchanted books to wooden shovels.