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Founded24th August 2020
Nether PathBlue, Oak Log

Birchside is a new, recent settlement that recently became public when the owner EzaHellz made it public. It quickly became a popular place to visit and explore, with visitors sometimes even getting their own vacation homes in the settlement. Birchside may be small, but is an active community of players with many known players living there.


EzaHellz (Owner)








Birchside was originally an isolated place in the middle of nowhere, before EzaHellz travelled far out to get there. Some of the settlement's known features were quickly built, such as small docks on the coast and the nice sandstone paths. At this point, it was very small, but progress was being made.

After some time of working on Birchside, some of the first areas were finished up and the first houses were made. After EzaHellz finished their house, Birchside was momentarily paused for some time, as Eza did other projects than Birchside. After a couple of months of not working on the settlement, Eza resumed work once more and added more areas to it, such as the farm.

After a couple more weeks of not working on Birchside, another player MinFoo discovered Birchside and it was discussed for a small amount of time; this encouraged EzaHellz to continue working on Birchside and finally open it to everyone. It was finally finished and opened for everybody to visit and live in.

Points Of Interest

Birchside Docks

The Birchside Docks, a small little dock that is the heart of the settlement. One of the first things built in Birchside, and well known. It has mini coral reefs with some exotic fish underneath. Feel free to visit it! The heart of Birchside.

Birchside's Farm

The Birchside Farm, a nicely sized open farm that is open to everyone for all your needs, from cows to a luxurious vineyard. Feel free to stop by and use the farm when necessary.

Some Of Birchside's Houses

Birchside Homes - All Birchside houses are designed to be very pleasant and detailed. Feel free to come and explore every corner of Birchside! You can even live in one of the pre-built homes in the small community of Birchside.