Labyrinth 2.0

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Labyrinth 2.0
Coordinates1317, -134
Nether PathGreen, Lapis, Light Blue Glazed Terracotta
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Labyrinth 2.0 is an interactive build located in the town of Somewhere. It is a multilevel maze with some variation built into it such as puzzle rooms, trivia, and more. The Entrance is located at the Somewhere Hotel

The pit that was dug out to contain the labyrinth

For those who wish to attempt it, follow signs in the nether for Labyrinth 2.0, additionally it is located at roughly 1300,-112 on dynmap.

Please note that death is incredibly likely and the person attempting should not bring valuables.


Upon completion, the user is able to redeem their prize coupon for an Elytra, 20 diamonds, 20 emeralds, a stack of iron ingots, or a level 3+ enchantment.

Build Facts

  • Labyrinth 2.0 took over 300 hours of work from the design team from digging the pit out to bedrock, all the way through filling it up with challenging levels for people to attempt to complete.
    One of the puzzle rooms
  • Collectively the design and build team died approximately 75 times during construction and testing.
  • There were 2 levels during the design phase that were said to be too hard and therefore removed from existence.
  • While the build is 8 levels of physical space, there are 15 levels to complete the entire challenge.
  • Checkpoints are scattered throughout to make it more possible.
    Lava Parkour Maze Room

Design Team

  • Lead Designer: abielek
  • Co-Designers: Jwiley17, CrimsonFluid,LadyForsaken, and Loudlara
  • A special thank you to the town of Somewhere for aiding in digging the pit as well as allowing the land to be used.

A special thanks to Elvenone for designing and building the hotel for people to use right next door.

As of the creation of this document, plans for Labyrinth 3.0 are being worked on...