Lite Waiting server

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The Lite waiting server

The Lite waiting server, also known as the "Void waiting server", or "The Hub World" was created on the 22nd April 2020 by Jim, inspired by "Space-y, 90s vr space" design.

This is where you spawn if you have a linked Minecraft and Discord account, and can access the Survival, Creative and Build servers via the portals ahead.

The Lite server is created by only sending the required packets the player needs and is significantly lighter to run without using up the amount of resources the previous waiting server would use. For example the old waiting server was given 4GB of memory, but still ran into memory issues. Whereas this Lite server has only ever used 40MB and had no issues. This means memory can be allocated to where it is needed more to keep performance up.

Players are in creative mode in this world, and cannot see other players, but can still chat to others in the Lite waiting server.

Anything built or destroyed is not saved as it is all client side and is lost once a user goes through a portal to a world.

Starting on April 10th, 2022, the waiting server would be changed on a rotation to one of 12 unique designs created during the Hub Design Contest.

1 year anniversary

For the 1 year anniversary of the 1.14/1.15 server (Evening of 8th June) the Lite waiting server got a little change of design.

This stayed from the 8th June 2020 - 15th June 2020.

Created by Katuen it featured a present, some cakes, balloons and additional bits of design. If the player turned around they would see the text "Happy 1 Year Anniversary" to help explain the reasoning of the design change for the week.

Version 2

The original Lite waiting server

On 20th August 2020 the Lite Waiting server portals were changed to ones which you jump down into, along with a new block pallet.

This is due to the fact that on Bedrock, the previous portals were considered solid, and therefore not able to be walked through, meaning those on Bedrock could not join any servers.


On the 25th December 2020, a new version was released, featuring a winter theme.

The previous glass floor was replaced with snow, random stacks of snow and patches of ice. It also features a cottage on one side in the distance by Katuen, and a Minecraft generated snowy village in the opposite direction by Jim.


On the 4th of January 2022, a Hub Design Contest was announced. A separate creative world was released to allow people to have a template and build their own designs with a chance to have them chosen and used for the Hub world. The deadline for submissions ended on 28th of February, and voting for the hub designs ran through March 23rd - April 10th, 2022. There were a total of 35 entries. There were 9 winners and 3 honourable mentions.


Honourable mentions

The hubs vary in both scale and complexity. From a small dome or room, through to sprawling forests and villages. Some of the medium-large scale buildings include mini-games, parkour, secrets to find, and more.

The hubs are rotated in on a manual basis and have no set order of appearance.