Clementine Stadium

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Clementine Stadium
Coordinates913, -388
Nether PathBlue, Left, Orange concrete
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Clementine Stadium is a Football/Soccer Stadium located North of Port Zephestia built by Soaral.

Image after the pitch had just been completed
Image of the stands under construction


Construction for the stadium began in late 2022, large amounts of stone and dirt were dug to make way for the pitch. In early 2023, work began on the stadium, lots of mining took place before the stands could be worked on, with many of the stones that were dug out being reused for the stadium walls. Construction for the stands began in March 2023 with the roof being added afterwards. Interior details were added later throughout the year.

The Stadium

The stadium got its name from the fruit of the same name, which is due to the surrounding area naming locations around the colour orange. Inside the stadium are two reception desks, one at the main entrance and one by the portal entrance, each desk contains a booklet with information on the stadium. The west stand houses the main reception area, south of the main reception is the stadium store, which sells football kits, photographs and banners. To the north of the main reception are food stalls, which sell bakery items and burgers. The east stand contains the portal entrance and secondary reception area, to the south of the portal are the changing rooms, the home changing rooms are located north of the tunnel and the away changing rooms are located to the south of the tunnel. Each stand contains two sets of stairs which lead to the stands.