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Colossal Archived.png
FoundedSeptember 2019
Coordinates406, 1408
Nether PathBlue, Prismarine

Colossal is a settlement on the 1.14/1.15 RT minecraft server, that recieved massive growth due to the founder, EzaPHellz, advertising the settlement and inviting players to live there. Many players joined the settlement, and built vacation houses and personal bases on the island. It used to be a centre of trade, being the home for a company called "Colossal Isle'. Its mending sales contributed a lot to the settlements economy.


Colossal started off as EzaPHellz private island. The major food farm was the first thing that was built. This farm produced so much food, that Eza started a company, Colossal Isle, to sell the excess. The small company made little profits, and helped Colossal grow into it's own settlement. Soon after the local company took off, an underwater base was built next to the island, and dubbed 'The Underwater Province'. This was the base that started off the rapid expansion of Colossal. Bridges were built towards nearby islands, and players were invited to the settlement to build bases and vacation homes.

The main centre of the settlement, Colossal Plaza, is the place where most of the player-built bases stand. The Colossal Highway was built soon after players joined the settlement, and it connects the Underwater Provinces and Colossal Plaza. The Docks were built right after the Highway was completed.

Notable locations

The Colossal Docks


The Colossal Docks are located at the bottom of Dock Street, and are an important landmark for Colossal. They were heavily used when the settlement was active. There were plans to add redstone, to make the docks more realistic, but these plans were never set into action.

Colossal Plaza

The Colossal Plaza is part of the Underwater District, and is home to many bases of residents, with builds planned for future-residents.