Dynawing District

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Dynawing District
FoundedSeptember 2019, by Archisame
MayorCr33pingD3ath, TILR16
Coordinates2318, -527
Nether PathGreen, Lime Terracotta

Located off the Green highway, Dynawing is a District of Ravenholm and a standing member of The Republic. There are currently around 10 residents working to grow and expand the new community. Much like Ravenholm, Dynawing District is a relaxed place to live with very few rules and building restrictions.


An older image of Dynawing, while it was still relatively new

Initially founded by Archisame in September of 2019, Dynawing was a small settlement that had grown inactive due to numerous circumstances. Seeing that the location had great opportunity to grow and prosper, Archisame was approached by Cr33pingD3ath (mayor of the neighboring town of Ravenholm) and the two decided that it would be mutually beneficial for Dynawing to become a District of Ravenholm.

After Dynawing was established as District of Ravenholm (Dec 28, 2019), Archisame would continue to retain his title of Dynawing Founder; however, under this new partnership he relinquished his title of mayor, becoming a mayor-assistant (or Trusted Resident) and assisting with the overall active development of the newly revitalized community.

Dynawing District has since grown to have a sturdy and active population of 16 (and growing) with many new builds and attractions.

Government Buildings

Owner's Court

The Owner's court is the Diorite building south of the river and right of Star Wars Point (Facing Ravenholm). The building is meant to help with town owners debate over certain relations with each other. The building has held 1 official court meeting for the trial of "Pant" stealing DrthVrdrMarenghi's jukebox, bell, and a copy of Stal by C418. It was then griefed sometime after, but was repaired by the Mods. But the holy Notch apple was lost in the grief and was not returned.


Star Wars Point

Built by Dynawing Resident TheSnipenieer, Star Wars Point is a monument consisting of an AT-AT (All Terrain Armored Transport) and a Lambda-class T-4a shuttle; also known as an Imperial Lambda..

The Aquaduct

The Aquaduct has gone through many forms, but all started as a small canal that connected Dynawing to the Eastern Sea. That canal still stands today, albeit rarely used. Renovations recently began towards the end of 2019; speared by a resident by the name of TheSnipenieer, adding medieval towers and arches. It was then completed around February of 2020.



If you are visiting Dynawing on a little trip, there are a few places worth checking out. First, I would recommend a boat ride through the canal to the eastern sea. Its a nice trip and there are a lot of nice looking, natural Minecraft terrain that is great to see. Secondly, I would visit Star Wars Point, Info in Landmarks section. Lastly, I would suggest taking a walk through the United Nations Building. I know technically it's in Ravenholm but it is truly a sight to see the masterful work of Mr. TILR16.