Regina Gelo

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Regina Gelo
FoundedEarly 2018
MayorPumpcin & Kisato
Coordinates-717, 3000

Regina Gelo was a town founded by ProbablyAPumpkin (now known as Pumpcin) and Kisato. The Public Builders were ProbablyAPumpkin, Queen_Ally, (formerly) Boyobean, and Ansome. The town was west of Rock Bottom and is now considered a suburb or district of Rock Bottom. The town was in the Tundra biome in the 1.12/1.13 world.


Mesachi in front of Windmill plot

Regina Gelo started out as ProbablyAPumpkin's house west of Rock Bottom. Over time, the first players were invited, including Vansity and Kisato. The name, "Regina Gelo", was coined from the Italian translation of "Queen Ice". Kisato is credited with the coinage. Kisato was given the role as Co-Mayor by ProbablyAPumpkin shortly afterward.

Regina Gelo grew extremely fast over a short period of time. Over time, more players joined, including Boyobean, Queen_Ally, Ace_of_Spades, and many more. By the end of May 2019, the population had reached 45 players. The town grew in the span of time where RT's fanbase grew exponentially, and the town was able to adopt the new residents.


Regina Gelo Banner

These rules were set in place by ProbablyAPumpkin and approved by Kisato and ProbablyAPumpkin.

  1. When building, keep the basic theme.
  3. When you claim a property, please build a mailbox
  4. Replant trees after mining them
  5. No pixel art
  6. If RT sees this, cool. This isn't a rule.
  7. Have fun, you're forced to

Historic Buildings in Regina Gelo

Prior to the founding of Regina Gelo, many buildings already existed. These buildings were immune to rule one of Regina Gelo and became historical sites. These buildings were incorporated into the town and became landmarks, which include The Tree House and the Japanese Palace. These rules were set in place by ProbablyAPumpkin.

Public Build Projects

The RG Snowman Building Club
Sketched up Clocktower in singleplayer creative
Finished Clocktower in 1.12/1.13 survival world
Looking down Shakespear Drive

Public build projects were often built by Public Builders in Regina Gelo, although some public builds were built by other residents in Regina Gelo.

Snowman Building Club

The Snowman Building Club was built by Boyobean. It was the first of many public buildings built in Regina Gelo.

Town Hall Attempt 1 & 2

Town Hall was scheduled to be built in the Town Center by Boyobean. However, the project was left unfinished and never came to fruition after Boyobean quit the server shortly after the start of the construction. Afterward, Boyobean was demoted as a public builder. He has not joined the server since.

The 2nd attempt was started by Ansome. Progress was too slow to meet the 1.12/1.13 server's reset and was not finished.

The Mist

The Mist was a trading shop in Regina Gelo. This build was mainly built by Kisato, with some help from Boyobean and ProbablyAPumpkin. The Mist was known for standing out within the town, as it was made of birch.

The Public Farm & Windmill

The public farm was started by an unknown player, presumably BlueTheMist, and expanded upon by ProbablyAPumpkin. The windmill construction was built by ProbablyAPumpkin with aid from Queen_Ally.

Open Trading Post

The Open Trading Post was built by ProbablyAPumpkin and sold various products.

The Ice Clock-tower

The Ice Clock-tower was built by Queen_Ally and ProbablyAPumpkin and some aid from Ansome. It started as a building idea by ProbablyAPumpkin in a singleplayer-superflat world. After building in singleplayer world, the world was moved to a multiplayer world, where ProbablyAPumpkin and Queen_Ally took time to detail the clock-tower. After the sketch, the tower construction was started in early April. The process took weeks and is currently the tallest structure in Regina Gelo. It sits outside the Town Center.

Known Residents

This list goes in chronological order; some residents were not recorded and therefore could not be archived. Towards the end of this list, the chronology of residents may have been mixed up.

ProbablyAPumpkin (Co-Founder, Co-Mayor, now Pumpcin) Vansity Kisato (Co-Founder, Co-Mayor) Boyobean (Former Public Builder) Hallowsistar
Mesachi Vince1337LP Queen_Ally (Public Builder) Ace_Of_Spades Galendurr
Maarchulk Shrekles Glider_G Dean_Craft Foleyfam234
Janomlady Exotech Jexdane Omega (Nickname, username unknown) Bojack65
BlueTheMist Cam (Nickname, username unknown) Viti (Nickname, username unknown) Vrilix Carson (Nickname, username unknown)
Ansome (Builder) N0tAnything orinking Cpamz duckduck (Nickname, username unknown)
RealMattyIce The_End_Keeper hannah_cookie905 (7Hannah today) HeavenlyPotato blue_bear_green