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MayorValentinT, NaomiPaoni
Coordinates260, 400
Nether PathYellow, Red Terracotta

Kaynoughtree is a western-style town located in a mesa. The town was founded by a group of friends on the first day of the 1.16 server. It immediately took off, and over time, a few more residents outside of the initial friend group wanted to join.


The name 'Kaynoughtree' is a play on words based on the :rtgamecano3: emote, and was created after a player suggested the town's name to be Cano3ville as a combination of the emote and the town's Stresstest counterpart, Wholesomeville, which homed many of the town's current residents.

The location of the town was chosen partly to build a western-themed town, but also partly to keep at least a small part of the existing mesa biome intact; this preserved an area that would've otherwise inevitably be mined out for resources.

Town Rules

  • Replant farms
  • We prefer manual farming. Any automated farms should be discussed before being built, and they should be public.
  • Liking the Cano3 emote is optional, but highly preferred.
  • Please ask one of the mayors before joining the town (either in-game or via discord).
  • Do not break the landscape around the town. If you need terracotta, please go to amplified or far away from the town instead.

Build code

There are no strict build rules. However, with the town being mainly Western themed, it is preferred to build western-style houses. Be mindful of the people that are building around you as well. Put effort in your build and make it fit the surrounding area.

Notable locations


_Cynder_, ArtyRachel, Ceptiun, Drolnogard, Djermorr, NaomiPaoni, me57tm, SierraStorms, ValentinT, LoadXBare, Anime_Beef_10, TheLitMatch, QTIPSTER, elirbs

Player houses

Player houses and builds will be added once residents are settled down and have the majority of their house standing.